Gentlemanvillian was born in Her Majesty’s the Queen’s Hospital in 1875. The young elite wandered the world as soon as he left the birth canal. He gained a reputation as the most knowledgable man in the world, and refuses to suffer fools. Bored with life, he adopted a plan for world domination, and is using comic-ed books for research material should any do-gooders choose to oppose him.

X-Men Comic Title Chronology

X-Men Reading List

Favorite X-men: Cyclops, Marrow, Magik

Favorite Villain: The Sentinels, Magneto

Favorite Story: X-Tinction Agenda

Ultimate X-Men Team: Cyclops (leader), Rachel Grey (second-in-command), Marrow (bruiser), Cipher (stealth), Cypher (glue), Kid Apocalypse (rookie), the Scarlet Witch (wildcard)


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