Powers: Artifical Healing Factor


What!?: He can heal himself. He is also a deadly Mercenary.

Origin: Known as Wade Wilson, or Deadpool, this man of mystery was kicked out of the US Army Special Forces after the death of his father. Wilson joined Project X and at one point became a Mercenary. Wilson later fell in love with Vanessa Carlysle, and even considered settling down and building a life. However, Wilson discovered that he had cancer and left Vanessa, not wanting to shackle her down with a dying man. Wilson joined Canada’s Department H and their Weapon X program in hopes of curing his cancer. He was implanted with a healing factor from another agent, Wolverine. When he failed a mission, Wilson was sent to the Hospice, a detention center for failed superhuman agents. Wilson was tortured to near death, until his actual death prompted his healing factor to activate. Naming himself Deadpool after the betting pool the patients ran, Wilson made his escape.

Wilson went back to Mercenary work and was employed by the arms-merchant Tolliver to kill Cable. Often clashing with Cable and X-Force, Wilson became attached to Siryn. Wilson’s exploits as a mercenary sent him on many violent adventures, often clashing with the likes of Bullseye, Sabertooth, and even his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. Years later, Wilson eventually found his way back to Cable when a virus accidentally caused both men to merge DNA, forcing them to travel together. Wilson was then hired by Cyclops to watch over Cable if his powers got too out of control. Wilson, however, sided with Cable in his attempt to force the world to work together. Staying in Providence, Deadpool was often given missions by Cable under an alias to keep him busy. In turn, Deadpool helped Cable when he was momentarily turned into a child.

Wilson’s reputation as a Mercenary partially hurt by his new acts of heroism ,and he later left Cable when he realized he would never be trusted.¬†Wilson once again went back to being a Mercenary, until he ran out of money. He decided to try his luck with the mutants again by joining the X-Men on Utopia. Though rejected, the X-Men decided to keep an eye on the assassin though “probationary membership.” Wilson then joined Wolverine’s secret X-Force, a team tasked with eliminating threats to the mutant population. During this time, he never once cashed in the checks he received for his service.

His Deal: He is known as the “Merc’ with the Mouth.” Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most recent break-out stars, which is impressive considering that he was only created in 1991. His debut in the New Mutants comic often causes him to be associated with the X-Men, despite not being a mutant. He is known for his many eccentricities, notable his love for chimichangas and ability to break the fourth wall. He often talks in yellow speech bubbles. He has become one of the funniest characters in mainstream comics. He is also one of the deadliest. His healing factor and mercenary skills allow him to go toe-to-toe with many of Marvel’s heavy hitters, and he has developed rivalries with Wolverine, Bullseye, Agent X, Taskmaster, Cable, Fantomex, and even an eviler version of himself called Dreadpool. His best friends are Cable, Hydra Bob, and Wolverine (though only in his mind). His most notable romances have been with Siryn, Copycat, and Death.

Personality: Deapool is crazy. Literally. The healing factor used to mitigate his cancer has also caused his mind to become unstable. However, their is some evidence that the healing factor is not the cause of his insanity but just exacerbated it. Deadpool is prone to violent outburts and often random behavior. He can also be quite annoying and has attention deficit disorder. His erratic personality actually makes him a very unpredictable opponent. Behind the psychosis, however, lies a troubled and depressed man. The healing factor that keeps him alive also caused his skin to be hideously scarred. He is also well aware of his mental condition. He has often thought about suicide, especially since he is enamored with the cosmic entity Death. There have also been instances when Deadpool tries to redeem his past actions through heroic stints, such as his time with Cable and X-Force. This suggest that a part of him feels guilty over his Mercenary lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Deadpool was partly based on DC Comic’s Deadstroke, which is obvious given their similar costumes, weapons, and names (Wade Wilson-Slade Wilson)


First Appearance: New Mutants #98 (1991)


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