Powers: Superhuman, Life Force Transfer


What!?: Enhanced physical body, plus the ability to give some of her powers to other people

Origin: Ruth Bat-Seraph, or Sabra, who was raised by the Israeli government after her powers manifested. She was Israel’s first super powered secret agent, making a name for herself by fighting the Hulk. She became a part of many superheroics, including participating in the Contest of Champions. Ruth lost her son during a terrorist attack, and disobeyed order to track down his killer. Years later, she becomes a part of Operation: Zero Tolerance, helping the X-Men and even becoming a member of X-Corporation afterwards. She retained her powers after M-Day and helped the O*N*E police force keep tabs on the remaining mutant population.

Her Deal: Sabra originally showed up in the Incredible Hulk comic. She is more or less Israel’s resident superhero, similar to Captain Britain and Captain America. There’s even a theory that Sabra is not a mutant, but in fact the result of a super soldier project. She started fighting alongside the X-Men after Operation: Zero Tolerance, but went back to her government after M-Day.

Personality: Sabra was raised at a very young age to be patriotic. She is dedicated her entire life to the service of her country and its people. She is a consummate professional, and as a career soldier, knows that realistic costs of her line of work. She is normally polite, but when angered she can be very aggressive. She is a pragmatist, having been Pro-Registration during the superhero Civil War, and sided with policing the mutant population during M-Day.

Fun Fact: “Sabra” is also a kind of prickly pear


First Appearance: Incredibly Hulk #256 (1981)


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