Powers: Trans-dimensional Teleportation


What!?: He’s like a human Tardis

Origin: The man simply known as Gateway was an indigenous Australian who was forced into servitude by the villainous Reavers after they threatened to destroy a sacred Aboriginal artifact. He was freed when the X-Men took over the Reavers’s base in Australia. He voluntarily helped the X-Men travel around the world quickly and quietly, until the return of the Reavers forced Gateway and the X-Men to part ways. Gateway appeared years later at the Massachusetts Academy, attempting to redeem himself for his crimes against the school’s previous class, the Hellions. Though coerced, Gateways had accidentally led the crazed Trevor Fitzroy and his sentinels to the Hellions, causing their death. Gateways brought Penance into the team and helped mentor the St. Croix Twins. After the school was close, Gateway was reported to have been killed by the Marauders, but later appeared as a hostage of the Reavers again. He managed to contact X-Force, helping them until his “destined” time to die at the hands of Ultimaton, the last creation of the Weapon Plus program.

His Deal: Gateway mainly helped the X-Men who lived in Australia during the 80’s. His world teleporting ability helped facilitate their desire to be a secret team. In some ways, he is the first Australian and first Black man to join the team. He is indirectly responsible for bringing Jubilee into the X-Men, as she used one of his portal to sneak into the team. He also helped bring Penance into Generation X, as well as teach the St. Croix Twins. He is Bishop and Shard’s great grandfather.

Personality: Contrary to popular belief, Gateway is not mute. He has taken a vow of silence as penance for helping the Reavers. Gateway feels a great amount of guilt for helping such evil men, even though he only did so to protect the people and things he cares about. He is a spiritual man, and could often be seen meditation on a tall building or rock. He did not fear his own death. His Age of Apocalypse alternate self may have given some insight into his previous personality, as he was depicted as a sarcastic old man who was still respected for the vast amount of knowledge he possessed.

Fun Fact: Gateway could also see into the future


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #229 (1988)

Death: Gateway was killed by Ultimaton


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