Powers: Shi’ar Alien


What!?: Alien bird-human. Stronger than average Earthling.

Origin: Lilandra Neramani, or simply Lilandra, was the youngest child of the Shi’ar royal family. She was arrested by her insane brother Emperor D’Ken after opposing his plans to harness the M’Kraan Crystal, an incredibly powerful and potentially universe threatening artifact. Lilandra managed to escape to Earth, where she hoped to utilize the planet’s large collection of superhumans. Through psychic channels, Lilandra met Professor X, whose X-Men ultimately helped Lilandra deal with the M’Kraan Crystal threat. The incident left Emperor D’Ken in a catatonic state, unfit to rule. While the Shi’ar council debated over Lilandra’s right to the thrown, the princess stayed on Earth, where she fell in love with Professor X. When Lilandra became Empress, Professor X joined her as her consort.

Lilandra soon became an opponent to the X-Men, however, when the Dark Phoenix’s destructive actions forced her to seek it’s death. Lilandra was subsequently exiled again by her older sister Deathbird, who had been using this time to gain allies and seize the throne. This time around, Lilandra traveled with the Starjammers, a group of intergalactic pirates led by Cyclops’s father Corsair. Lilandra later regained her thrones thanks to some unorthodox help from the Skrulls. Lilandra spend her second reign dealing with intergallactic threats, such as a war against the Kree, battle with the Phalanx, and defending the reputation of Earth.

Lilandra’s rules has shaken when it met Cassandra Nova, Professor X’s evil twin sister. Nova used her powers to mind control Lilandra into using the Shi’ar Empire to kill the X-Men. Though this plan failed, the incident and Jean Grey’s returning status as the Phoenix caused the Shi’ar High Council to annul Lilandra’s marriage to Xavier. Lilandra was later forced into exile for a third time due to the machinations of Vulcan, Cyclops’s younger brother. Lilandra once again joins the Starjammer in her quest to regain the throne. She is killed in the War of Kings.

Her Deal: Lilandra was the first Shi’ar to ever appear. She is is the “Majestrix,” or Empress of the Shi’ar Empire. She was the X-Men’s closest ally in the Empire. As Shi’ar Empress, she is technically one of the antagonists during the Dark Phoenix Saga, as she condemned Jean Grey to death for the crimes of the Phoenix. Despite being known as a benevolent ruler, she has lost her throne twice. Her sister is Deathbird. Her brother is D’Ken. She may or may not be the aunt of Adam X. She is arguably Professor X’s greatest love, and the only woman he ever married.

Personality: Lilandra has a deep sense of love and loyalty to the Shi’ar and it’s people. Compared to her brother and sister, she is calmer and wiser beyond her years. She has no taste for ruthless ambition, to the extent that many of her political opponents saw her as weakening the Empire. However, she is remember as a kind and fair ruler by the general populous. She often put the well fare of the Empire ahead of everything, even her personal feelings. This was obvious when she arrested Jean Grey for her actions as the Phoenix, despite considering the X-Men great friends. She also allowed her marriage to Professor X be annulled due to the threat posed by his sister Cassandra Nova. Despite this, Lilandra had a deep appreciation for Earth due to the time she spend on the planet. She also really loved Professor X, as he too could understand the burden of duty and obligation.

Fun Fact: Lilandra appeared to have some feelings for Gladiator.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #97 (1976)

Death: Lilandra was killed during the Wars of Kings


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