Fred Duncan

Powers: FBI Agent


What!?: Federal Policeman

Origin: Fred Duncan was an FBI Agent in charge or the Bureau’s early investigations into mutants. He first met Charles Xavier while looking for a mutant that shot lasers out of their eyes. Xavier convinced Duncan to let him handle the situation, leading him to recruit Scott Summers and start his School for Gifted Youngsters. Thereafter, Duncan because the X-Men’s defacto government liaison. He was also a member of Xavier Underground, a secret network of mutant supporters. Years later, Duncan quit the FBI due to the raise of the anti-mutant Project Wideawake.

His Deal: Fred Duncan was an very early X-Man character. He served as the X-Men’s connection to the government, allowing them to be semi-sanctioned team. Through Duncan, the X-Men were able to help the government deal with evil mutant threats. Duncan disappeared around the later 1960’s, and he was more or less replaced by Valerie Cooper as the government’s mutant expert by the 1990’s.

Personality: Fred Duncan was very sympathetic towards mutants and the X-Men. Unlike most agents in the FBI, he did not see mutants as a uniform threat. He helped Professor X during the X-Men’s early years, acting as a go-between with the government. Duncan was informed enough to recognize the corruption within the government, and the mutant community’s capability of being exploited as scapegoats for political gains.

Fun Fact: As a member of Xavier Underground, Duncan helped keep track mutant criminal records and maintaining captured supervillian weapons

rude_x-men_children or the atom 2_19

First Appearance: X-Men #2 (1963)

Death: Duncan died of natural causes


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