Powers: Pariah Effect

What!?: He could “tag” people, making people run away/towards whoever is “it”


Origin: Brian Cruz was a member of the Hellions Student Squad. During a mission involving the Kingmaker, it was revealed that Cruz’s greatest wish was to keep his friends together. So while everyone else wished for fame, he wished to become their business manager. This later proved to be his undoing. After M-Day, Cruz lost his powers, but stayed in the Xavier Mansion as long as possible. When it was finally his time to leave, his bus was destroyed by the Purifiers as part of their attack on the school.

His Deal: Tag was a steward member of the Hellions, and often times it’s most loyal member. He was best friends with Julian Keller, an impressive feat given Julian’s arrogant attitude. In the New Mutants: Hellions mini-series, it was revealed that his deepest wish is to not lose his friends. He was the first, and so far, only member of the Hellions Student Squad to die.

Personality: Despite going along with most Hellions plans, Brain himself was not particularly mischievous. He was just happy to be with his friends, suggesting that his life prior to the Xavier Institute may have been lonely. His own death was partly due to not wanting to leave the Institute right away after M-Day. Thanks to the Kingmaker, Brian also showed an aptitude for management and talent relations, though this may have been due to the spell.

Fun Fact: In another world, Tag had a crush on Quintine Quire


First Appearance: New Mutants #7 (2004)


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