Powers: Emphatic Pherokinesis


What!?: She smells good, so people like her

Origin: Laurie Collins, or Wallflower, actually inherited her powers from her father, who had used his abilities to seduce her mother. When her mother became pregnant with Laurie, she gained an immunity to his mutation and left him to raise Laurie alone. Since the incident had left her mother traumatized, Laurie followed suit and became a loner. Then, during a vacation, Laurie’s powers manifested. Her sudden popularity scared Laurie, making her more withdrawn than before. Laurie’s mother enrolled her in the Xavier Institute, hoping that the new school would get her out of her shell.

This failed initially, as Laurie went through several roommates while at the school. This all changed when she met Sofia Mantega, whose wind based abilities allowed her to blow away Laurie’s mutant pheromones. Under Sofia’s wing, Laurie started to hang out with more students, such as Prodigy and Wither. During a group outing, the students were attacked by the Reavers, with Laurie being mortally wounded. She managed to be saved by Josh Foley, who outed himself as a mutant to heal her. Laurie started to develop feeling for Josh, but he had more interest in the older Wolfsbane.

Laurie was eventually placed in the New Mutant Student Squad, where she later started dating Josh. When Josh and Wolfsbane’s relationship was revealed to the school by Wither, who himself had a crush on Laurie, the young mutant was crushed. This caused Laurie to use her powers to manipulate Prodigy into kissing her in hopes of making Josh jealous, the first time she had ever used her powers for personal gain. The New Mutant Squad came close to disbanding that night, if not for the intervention of Wind Dancer. After M-Day, Laurie managed to retain her powers, but was shot by one of William Stryker’s Purifiers as part of his attack on the Xavier Institute.

Her Deal: Wallflower had one of the more ironic powers in the X-Men. Her mutation allows her to easily manipulate people, but she herself is very shy. She was part of a love two love triangles. There was the Wallflower-ElixirWolfsbane triangle, and the Wallflower-Elixir-Wither triangle. Even after her death, Elixir and Wither would fight over Laurie’s memory. Wallflower is indirectly responsible for Elixir joining the Xavier Institute, and for Wither leaving the Xavier Institute. Wallflowers abilities seemed to have rivaled Empath’s in terms of scope. Her best friend was Wind Dancer.

Personality: Learning from her mother’s example. Laurie was very introverted throughout her childhood. When her pheromone based mutation developed, her sudden popularity shocked Laurie, making her even more withdrawn. Laurie was very scared of her powers, not wanting to accidentally influence other people. For example, during the Xavier Riot, Laurie feared that she was the cause. Laurie’s behavior is partly due to her father’s selfish use of his own powers. Laurie does not want to become her father. Living with her mother gave Laurie a first hand look at the damage her powers can cause. Laurie began to become more outgoing at the Xavier Institute, partly thanks to her very cheerful roommate Wind Dancer. Towards the end of her young life, Laurie had resolved to become a stronger person.

Fun Fact: Laurie’s corpse was turned into a “Bio-Sentinel”


First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (2003)

Death: Laurie died after being shot by the Purifiers


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