Wind Dancer

Powers: Aerokinisis


What!?: She can move the air

Origin: Sofia Mantega, or Wind Dancer, previously lived with her mother in Caracas, Venezuela. Unfortunately, her mother died in a riot, and Sofia was sent to live with her wealthy father in the United States, who had little to no interest in her. In exchange for living with him, Sofia’s father ordered her to learn English, get good grades, and never use her mutant powers. Her unpopularity at school and neglect at home soon proved to be too much for Sofia, and she lashed out by destroying one of her father’s supermarkets. Her father considered leaving Sofia in prison and possibly deporting her, but instead sent her to the Xavier Institute after being “suggested” to by Danielle Moonstar.

Sofia was assigned to the New Mutant student squad, becoming it’s leader after her teammate Prodigy declined the role. Leadership proved a bit too much for Sofia to handle, and after an incident with resident team loner Wither, Sofia was able to convince Prodigy to co-lead the team. Sofia also become somewhat involved with Julian Keller, leader of the rival Hellion student squad and general trouble maker himself. It was with his help that she was able to reconcile the infighting within the New Mutant squad via a camp-out. This peace didn’t last long, as Sofia was one of the mutants to lose their powers during M-Day. Like her fellow depowered mutants, Sofia left the Xavier Institute. She would later appear fighting alongside the New Warriors under the codename Ranascence.

Her Deal: Wind Dancer was the first new character to appear in the New Mutants, Vol.2. This arguably makes her the first member of the New Mutant Student Squad. She was the squads first leader, then acted as co-leader with Prodigy. She ironically had a romance with Julian Keller, leader of the Hellion Student Squad. She lost her powers during M-Day, but was one of the few depowered Xavier students not to die. She later joined the New Warriors alongside a few other depowered mutants (Beak, Chamber, Stacy X, Angel, Jubilee).

Personality: Wind Dancer was well known for her positive attitude, and was even named “Most Outgoing,” by her fellow students at the Xavier Academy. Wind Dancer has been described as being able to see the good in anyone. She does, however, have a trouble relationship with her father, due to his general apathy towards her. This was somewhat mitigated by the support and sympathy her butler Derek showed her. Wind Dancer has also been shown to falter in leadership positions, becoming irritable and impatient. After M-Day, Wind Dancer had dreams of using her powers and fighting alongside the X-Men, admitting that she loves the superhero life. However, it took several tries to get her into the New Warriors.

Fun Fact: Wind Dancer’s mutation allowed her to eavesdrop at incredibly long distances.


First Appearance: New Mutants #1 (2003)


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