Powers: Natural Flight, Healing Factor, Vocal Manipulation


What!?: He can fly, heal himself, and change his voice

Origin: Joshua “Jay” Guthrie, or Icarus, was born in a rural Kentucky mining community, and is the younger brother of Sam and Paige Guthrie, also known as Cannonball and Husk. When his older brother and sister left to join the X-Men, Jay voluntarily took on the role of “man of the house,” protecting his younger siblings from anti-mutant discrimination. Jay himself found solace in music. Jay soon developed mutant powers of his own, but kept them a secret until he exposed his wings at a concert as part of a “stage gimmick.”

Jay later fell in love with Julia Cobot, whose family had had a long standing fued with the Guthries. When Julia’s father seemingly killed Jay, Julia took his body and drowned herself. Jay’s healing factor, however, saved his life. When Jay failed to resuscitate Julia, he stabbed himself as he was unaware of his own healing factor. Jay attempted to kill himself several times afterwards, and was sent to the Xavier Institute by his mother. He joined the New Mutant Student Squad, and although sullen, he often served as a confidant to his teammates. After M-Day, Jay’s wings where brutally cut off. Jay was then tricked by William Stryker into giving him information led to the bombing of a bus full of depowered students. Jay confronted Stryker about this and was shot. Dying, Jay wrote the letters “NIMR” with his blood, a warning message about Stryker’s secret weapon.

His Deal: Jay was yet another mutant member of the Guthrie family. He was originally presented as Cannonball’s younger brother who half-resented him for leaving, but was later fleshed out as a musical romantic. His powers are based on song birds. His story with Julia Cobot, She Lies With Angels, was meant to parallel Romeo and Juliet. Despite being a member of the New Mutant Student Squad, Jay himself never participated in many battles, usually remaining neutral. Like his brother before him, Jay naive helped an anti-mutant group. He seemed to have some romantic interest in Irma of the Stepford Cuckoos and Dust.

Personality: As a boy, Jay looked up to his older brother, most likely because he was too young to remember his father. When Cannonball left, Jay took it upon himself to help his mother and younger siblings, slightly resenting Cannonball for leaving. By the time he entered his teens, Jay had discovered music, which helped him escape the harsh realities of his life. Jay also fell deeply in love with Julia Cobot, and was willing to kill himself rather than live without her. Like many Gunthries, Jay was single minded. While Sam focused on duty, and Paige on ambition, Jay focused on love. After Julia’s death, Jay became suicidal and depressed. He did seem to find peace within the New Mutant student squad, even becoming something of a diplomat between the New Mutants and Hellions. Though Jay kept mostly to himself, he was open to discussing his teammates problems, and particularly enjoyed talking to Dust.

Fun Fact: Icarus was deeply spiritual, but only shared that fact with a select few


First Appearance: Rom Annual #3 (1984)

Death: Icarus died after being shot by William Stryker


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