Glob Herman

Powers: Bio-Paraffin Physiology 


What!?: Body made of Living Wax

Origin: Robert Herman, of Glob Herman, enrolled at the Xavier Institute after Professor X publicly revealed that he was a mutant. He joined Kid Omega’s gang and participated in the Xavier School Riot, attacking a large group of civilians by lighting himself on fire. When he was defeated, he was sentenced to mandatory community service. Glob kept his powers after M-Day, moving to Utopia, and then the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. However, during an expedition to the Savage Lands, Glob transferred to the rival Hellfire Academy.

His Deal: Glob Herman is one of the most notisable characters in the X-Men. His see through body makes him very hard to miss, and you can almost always find him in the background of a lot of stories. Glob was also one of Kid Omega’s earliest friends, even before his rebellious streak.

Personality: Being a giant see-though body made of pix wax, Glob has a lot of resentment that fuels his misbehavior. He was part of the infamous Xavier riot, and his attitude eventually led him to be expelled from the Jean Grey School. He only joined the Hellfire Academy after being told by Wolverine to straighten up. It should be noted, however, that Glob was most probably Quintin Quire’s only friend at the Xavier Institute, as they were two outcasts even in a school full of mutants.

Fun Fact: Glob is highly flammable


First Appearance: New X-Men #117 (2001)

Greatest Crime: Attempting to run down a group of humans while on fire


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