Powers: Infinite Energy Absorption and Manipulation


What!?: He can absorb and shoot out any type of energy.

Origin: Gabriel Summers, or Vulcan, is the third son of Christopher and Katherine Summers, and younger brother to Cyclops and Havok. Gabriel was removed from his mothers womb after his father tried and failed to rescue Katherine from the Shi’ar Emperor D’Ken. Gabriel was artificially aged and sent to Earth as a slave for a Shi’ar agent, but he managed to escape. He was found by Moira MacTaggert with no memories of his past life. Against MacTaggert’s wishes, Gabriel became part of the first attempt to save the original X-Men from the island of Krakoa. The mission failed, but Gabriel was able to survive thanks to being bonded to Darwin.

Gabriel was awakened years later by the mutant energy released during M-Day. He swore revenge against Professor X for leaving him for dead, killing Banshee in the process. Gabriel forced Professor X, with the help of Rachel Grey, to reveal what really happened to him. Xavier had apparently mind wiped Cyclops and MacTaggert after the failed Krakoa attempt in order to spare them the agony. Rachel’s psychic link also revealed the presence of Darwin within Gabriel’s mind, freeing him. With the truth revealed, Gabriel left Earth, as the experience restored his memories concerning the Shi’ar Empire.

Gabriel goes on a rampage in Shi’ar space, but is captured by Gladiator. In prison, he meets Deathbird, who convinces him to hatch a more ambitions plan. Gabriel agrees to heal a comatose D’Ken, who gratefully endorses a marriage between Gabriel and Deathbird. Immediately after the wedding, Gabriel kills D’Ken and proclaims himself the new Shi’ar Emperor. In a rage, he also kills his father Christopher, now Corsair, blaming him for his mother’s death. Knowing he must be defeated, Havok, Rachel Grey, and Polaris stay behind to form the new Starjammers. A civil war breaks out between Gabriel’s forces and Queen Liandra, D’Ken’s sister and long time X-Men ally.

Gabriel manages to get the upper hand, even capturing Havok, and leads the Shi’ar Empire on an aggressive campaign of expansion. This actually please many traditionalist within the Shi’ar and momentarily halts the civil war. Gabriel’s rule begins to crumble, however, when he takes on the Kree. His attack on the Kree and their Inhuman warriors backfires after the death of Liandra. Her assassination makes her a martyr, driving many to support the Kree. Gabriel becomes obsessed with fighting Black Bolt, leader of the Inhuman forces, resulting in the seeming death of both men.

His Deal: Vulcan is the infamous “Third Summer Brother” first hinted at in the early 90’s. His existence was retconned into the X-Men through the story X-Men: Deadly Genesis. His presence explains how Cyclops was the only X-Man that escaped Krakoa, the living island. Gabriel also absorbed all the missing mutant energy after M-Day, explaining what happened to it. Gabriel is responsible for the “fall” of the Shi’ar Empire. Gabriel has fought with all his living blood relatives except his grandfather and Cable. His story is somewhat similar to Macbeth/Hamlet, as a hero turned villain due to his desire for revenge and power. He is responsible for the death of Bashee and Corsair, and indirectly responsible for the death of Liandra. He was an incredibly powerful mutant, rivaling even celestial level beings. Vulcan’s longest relationship was with Deathbird, his aunt.

Personality: Vulcan was originally a character driven by revenge. He was arguably justified in his anger towards Professor X and Emperor D’Ken, but he cared little about those that got in his was. Indeed, Vulcan proved to have an obsessive personality and surprisingly ambitious. He went from wanting to kill D’Ken, to wanting to rule the Shi’ar, to wanting to take over the universe. Vulcan ironically seemed to have the same mentality of D’Ken. Vulcan’s powers gave him a superiority complex, making him believe he was untouchable. He could also be very petty. He kept his brother Havok in prison until he would admit that Vulcan was better than him. To put it simply, Vulcan was a narcissist.

Fun Fact: Vulcan was not immune to his brothers’ powers like Cyclops and Havok were.


First Appearance: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (2006)

Greatest Crime: Subjugating a large portion of the Universe

Death: Vulcan died in a fight against Black Bolt.


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