Powers:  Adaptive healing factor, three retractable claws, animal-like senses and physical abilities


What!?: He can heal himself, three claws,  enhanced taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell, and pheromones.

Origin: Akihiro, also known as Daken or Dark Wolverine, was the son of Wolverine and his Japanese wife Itsu in 1946. When Itsu was killed by the Winter Soldier, Akihiro was cut out of his mother’s womb by the mysterious Romulus. He was left with a wealthy couple who raised him as his own. However, many of the servants in the household and children of the village treated him harshly due to his mixed heritage, giving him the name Daken, or “bastard dog.” One night, Daken overheard his adoptive mother reveal that she was pregnant, and that she never really loved Daken. Angered, Daken killed the child soon after his birth, and accidentally killed his adoptive mother when his powers manifested. Daken’s adoptive father, unwilling to kill his adoptive son, committed suicide.

It was at this point that Romulus reappeared, telling Daken that he was his future. Daken was then sent to Canada to train in the same camp that Wolverine was trained in. Daken killed every man in the camp, allowing him to develop his unique pheromone ability. Years later, Romulus told Daken that it was Wolverine who killed his mother, instilling in him a sense of vengeance. Daken eventually met his father while he was being held prisoner by S.H.I.E.L.D., slashing open his stomach and leaving him for dead, just as Itsu had been years ago. Daken then proceeded to stalk his father throughout the world, despite order from Romulus to keep his distance. It was during one of these unsactioned encounters that Daken lost his memories.

Wolverine took his Daken to Professor X, who used Wolverine’s memories to show Daken the truth behind his birth and Romulus. Daken, however, still betrayed Wolverine and stole a piece of the Muramasa Blade, a sword with the ability to disable healing factors. Daken then joined Normal Osborn’s Dark Avengers in exchange for help in getting the Muramasa Blade. This proved futile, however, as Orsborn’s mental instability led to a disastrous invasion of Asgard and fall from power. Daken traveled the world again, and decided to build an empire for himself, which eventually led him to meet and fight X-23 in Madripoor, China.

Daken finally settled on L.A. as his new base of power, but his efforts failed as he had become addicted to the drug HEAT, which turned-off his healing factor. Daken found himself being framed by the true matermind behind HEAT, Marcus Roston. Desperate, Daken joined forces with the teenage team known as The Runaways to take down Roston. Now dying, Daken decided to go out with a “bang,” planting bombs all over New York and having one last confrontation with his father. But, Daken somehow managed to survive and reappeared as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Daken helped in the mental torture of Evan Sabahnur in an attempt to turn him into Apocalypse. It was during this time that Daken had his “final” confrontation with his father, almost drowning him, before Wolverine got the upper hand and drowned Daken instead, seemingly killing him for good. He has since been revived as a Horsemen of Apocalypse.

His Deal: Daken in the son of Wolverine. He is essentially the evil version of Wolverine. His Japanese heritage is ironic, considering that Wolverine actually found peace while in Japan. He mainly had interactions with Wolverine, and spent surprisingly little time with any of the X-Men. Much of his life was manipulated by Romulus as part of a larger plot to manipulate Wolverine. Daken was part of the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men. Daken’s longest relationship was with FBI agent Danna Kiel, which ended with Daken cutting her had off.

Personality: Daken is more or less a sociopath. There are times when Daken sees cold, collected, and even clam. However, he can also snap into intense moments of rage and anger. He has absolutely no qualms about killing someone, and in fact relishes the experience. Daken can be incredibly sadistic, which is partly due to the mental and physical torture he endured at the hand of Romulus. Ever since discovering how his father was, Daken has somewhat molded his life to be the direct opposite of Wolverine’s. He attempted to build a criminal empire because he saw that Wolverine had very little ambition. He has been shown to no believe in redemption, believing that bad people are simply born that way. Daken also has no real sense of direction. Perhaps due to being mocked as a child for his mixed heritage, Daken has never really felt like he belonged anywhere. His obsession with killing Wolverine may be his misguided attempt to give his life some meaning.

Fun Fact: Daken is Bi-Sexual


First Appearance: Wolverine: Origins #5 (2006)

Greatest Crime: Bombing the Fantastic Four and Avengers HQ.

Death: Daken died from an overdose of HEAT,  and then by being Drowned


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