Powers: The Darkforce 


What!?: Shadows

Origins: Laynia Petrovna, or Darkstar, was a Russian superhero recruited by the government to capture Black Widow, but ended up defecting herself and joining the “Champions of Los Angeles.” She eventually returned to Russia to join a Super-Soldier team, then Siberforce, and finally the White Guard. Darkstar died while under the employ of X-Corporation when Weapon XII possessed her, forcing Fantomex to kill her. After her death, the Russian government transferred part of her powers and essence to select agents, now known as “Darkstars.” In a fight against the Dark Wraiths, one of the creatures tried to absorb the Darkstar power, but was overwhelmed by Layna’s essence, allowing her to resurrect herself.

Her Deal: Darkstar is one of the more consistent Russian superheroes in Marvel, given her tenure in Russian based teams. She was also part of The Champions, a team largely remembered for it’s short tenure and seemingly random membership. They were also Marvel’s first West Coast based team. Fellow alumni include Angel and Iceman. Iceman had a crush on her.

Personality: Darkstar began as a stereotypical Soviet agent, but later turned into her own character. She has strong ties to her Darkstar powers, viewing them as a separate entity. At times, her powers scare even her. It should be noted, however, that her it’s actually her X-gene that allows her access to the darkness dimension. Begin trained to be a super hero from a young age, Darkstar has an ingrained loyalty towards her homeland, even if it betray her from time to time.

Fun Fact: Darkstar may share a power source with the superhero Cloak.


First Appearance: Champions #7 (1976)

Death: Darkstar died after being shot by Fantomex


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