Powers: Anthropomorphic Feline


What!?: Cat powers

Origins: Lucia Callasantos, or Thronn, was born into a large family in New York. Her abusive father abandoned the family after the birth of her younger siblings.  Her two young siblings subsequently died accidental deaths, with Lucia’s other sister Maria mysteriously close by. When her mother’s boyfriend tried to assault Lucia, Maria killed him and the sisters hid the body. Knowing that Maria murdered him, her mother killed Maria’s pet pigeons and finally pushed Maria into killing her mother. With nowhere to go, the sisters joined the Morlocks, but Maria left to join X-Force as “Feral,” while Lucia stayed underground. 

Lucia was able to survive the flooding of the Morlock Tunnels, but seemingly failed to save a young Marrow. Distraught, Lucia asked Cable for help in finding any survivors. It was here that Lucia discovered that the Morlocks hadn’t drown, but had been transported to another dimension by Mikhail Rasputin, Colossus’s brother. Lucia later helped X-Force in the capture of her now criminal sister Feral. Years later, Lucia joined X-Corporation, ironically alongside her sister Feral. Lucia and Feral were one of the mutants to lose their powers during M-Day, though the mysterious Romulus was able to restore their animalistic appearance. 

Her Deal: Thornn is Feral’s older sister. She is a much more rational version of Feral, suggesting that Feral’s rage does not stem from her mutant power. She has the same powers as Feral. She is one of the last surviving Morlocks. She tried to save Marrow when she was younger. She mostly had run-ins with X-Force. 

Personality: Though Thornn can be considered the calmer of the two Callasantos sisters, she could still be just as ruthless and bloodthirsty. At one point, Thronn wanted to kill Feral, her only living relative. Thornn seemingly never forgave Feral for the mysterious deaths of their younger siblings, and in fact appeared to have a soft spot for children. However, after M-Day, the two sister may have reconciled given their depowered status. 

Fun Fact: Thornn once helped save Professor X from his crazy Ex-Wife


First Appearance: X-Force #6 (1992)


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