Powers: Guardian of the Universal Amalgamator


What!?: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Reality Warping

Origins: At one point in her life, Gaia spent thousands of years chained to the Universal Amalgamator at the end of time, a device capable of merging all consciousness into one. This all changed when the villain M-Plate attempted to use the Generation X member Synch to activate the Universal Amalgamator. The incident caused the Citadel that housed the device to crumble, with Synch taking it upon himself to save Gaia. She briefly stayed with Generation X, but decided to leave in order to see more of the world.

Her Deal: Gaia was the last “official” member to join Generation X before it disbanded. She also had one of the briefest tenures, second only to Blink and Maggot. She was also the oldest member of the team, having existed for thousands of years. She seemed to have a romantic interest in Synch.

Personality: Despite being an ancient alien who spent most of her life guarding a universal doomsday device, Gaia had a pretty modern sense of humor. She was generally positive, with a desire to experience life to the fullest. Her years of duty most likely inspired such feelings. Speaking of which, Gaia appeared to have had an incredibly sense of responsibility. Despite being chained to the Universal Amalgamator, she refused to allow anyone to use it.

Fun Fact: Gaia claims her entire Galaxy was destroyed because she refused to activate the Amalgamator.


First Appearance: Generation X #37 (1998)


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