Powers:  Matter Absorption and Manipulation


What!?: He can become wood, steel, ect, just by touching it.

Origins: Little is actually known about the true origins of Mondo. What is known is that he was once friends with Cordelia Frost, Emma Frost’s younger sister. The two apparently hatched a plan to take over the Hellfire Club by using Mondo as a Trojan Horse, but their scheme backfired. Mondo was taken prisoner by the Hellfire Club, and Cordelia was forced to turn to Emma and Generation X for help. Once rescued, Mondo joined the team. It was later revealed that this Mondo was a clone of the original, who had already been rescued by Black Tom, the cousin and archenemy of Banshee. Black Tom resented the growing relationship between Banshee and Siryn, and thought it only fair to take Generation X away from Banshee. Black Tom and the Mondo Clone attacked Generation X together, but Mondo was killed by Bastion as part of Operation: Zero Tolerance.

His Deal: Mondo was actually the first new member of Generation X. The Mondo in Generation X was a clone, working together with Black Tom to attack the Massachusetts Academy. He is technically the first member of Generation X to die, though the extent of his membership is debatable. His most notable relationship was with Cordelia Frost, the youngest Frost sister.

Personality: The Mondo presented in Generation X often acted relaxed and friendly. His unassuming attitude later proved to be a mask to hide his true intentions. Mondo was way more blood thirty than he led on, especially when his used his mutant powers. Mondo was originally pretty apathetic, but this all changed after developing a friendship with Cordelia Frost. It seems that Mondo thought that Cordelia had abandoned him after he was caught by the Hellfire Club, and his hatred was nurtured by his rescuer, Black Tom.

Fun Fact: The “real” Mondo eventually did make his appearance, coincidentally as part of Black Tom’s attack on the Xavier Institute.


First Appearance: Generation X #3 (1995)

Death: Killed by Bastion

Greatest Crime: Betraying and attempting to kill Generation X


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