Powers: Red Diamond Form


What!?: Diamond tough skin, razor sharp claws, hollow body.

Origins: Penance, also known as Yvette, Monet St. Croix, Claudette St. Croix, Nicole St. Croix, and Hollow, was originally created by the mutant Emplate as punishment for his sister Monet’s arrogance. The sisters Claudette and Nicole covered up Monet’s kidnapping by merging together and impersonating her. Monet was imprisoned by Emplate for years until she mysteriously appeared on Generation X’s front lawn. She remains with the team until her true identity is revealed, wherein the twins Claudette and Nicole switch places with their sister Monet, freeing her but imprisoning themselves. The girls are eventually freed as well, leaving a fully functioning body still remaining. This new being later joins the superhero team called “The Loners” and is renamed “Hollow.”¬†

Her Deal: Penance was originally just Monet St. Croix transformed into a mute “monster.” Due to her bestial nature and inability to communicate, she was treated more as a pet by Generation X. She was the most mysterious member of the team. Penace origin story is a bit convoluted, considering that it also included the St. Croix Twins and alternate versions of Monet. It’s made even more confusing now that Penance can move and act by herself, suggesting that she’s been a different person all along. Penance’s most notable friendship was with Jubilee, ironic considering her later animosity with Monet.

Personality: Penance’s personality tended to change depending on the person inside her. Monet-Penance was very angry and wary of trusting others. She also¬†animalistic and mostly kept to herself. Twin-Penance on the other hand was more open and playful, perhaps because she was being inhabited by two innocent children. Hollow-Penance seems to have adopted a aspects of both her previous personas. Though she is as keen on survival as Monet was, she is also as understanding as the Twins.

Fun Fact: Penance was originally intended to be her own character, namely a Yugoslavian girl named Yvette. She is even called Yvette in Generation X #8.


First Appearance: Generation X #1 (1994)


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