Powers: Synchronicity


What!?: He can copy other powers

Origins: Everett Thomas, of Synch, was born in St. Loius, Missouri. He accidentally activated his powers when he synched with Banshee in order to protect himself from the Phalanx, a tecno-organic group trying to kidnap him. With the help of the other abductees and X-Men, the Phalanx where defeated. The young survivors, including Everett, formed the young mutant team Generation X at Massachusett’s Academy.

Everett proved himself a natural leader for the team, though a brief incident involving the vampiric Emplate forced the team to fend for themselves. Unknown to Everett, he became a subject of a romantic triangle between Jubilee and M, though Everett only had romantic interest in the latter. Unfortunately, his relationship with M would be cut short due to Adrienne Frost, sister of Emma Frost. Adrienne was determined to make her sister suffer, and had forced her to open the Massachusett’s Academy to the public, then planted the bomb in the school to kill Emma’s students. Everett was able to find the bomb, and sacrificed himself to save the lives of his human classmates.

His Deal: Synch was more or less the defacto leader of Generation X. He arguably had either the least useful or most powerful ability on the team. He dated Monet, which is an impressive feat of patience in and of itself. His closest friend on the team was Jubilee. He was the first member of Generation X team to die, which ultimately led to the end of the team.

Personality: Everett was known for his even temper, supportive nature, and overall pleasant personality. He proved very resourceful with the use of his powers, even coming up with a secondary use for them as a homing method. Given his ability’s use of other mutant powers, quick thinking and comprehension was a must. Despite his mature nature, Everett was a bit shy in matters of the romantic nature. He had no idea that Jubilee liked him, and he only confessed his feeling towards Monet when he thought he was dying. The last moments of his life also showcased his true valor.

Fun Fact: It was theorized that Synch would one day be able to copy powers permanently.


First Appearance: X-Men #36 (1994)


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