Powers: Malleable Skin


What!?: Extra skin for stretching and minor shape-shifting

Origins: Angelo Espinosa, or Skin, was a former gang member from South Central Los Angeles. His powers activated during a drive-by shooting, and he used the opportunity to fake his death and leave the gang life. He was kidnapped by the Phalanx, which led to his enrollment in the Massachusetts Academy and Generation X.

Angelo’s past came back to haunt him when an obsessed former FBI agent calling himself the “X-Cutioner” hunted him for the murder of Angelo Espinosa, not knowing that he had faked his death. Angelo was able to defeat X-Cutioner with fellow member Chamber’s help. At one point Skin also went back home and reunited with his ex-girlfriend Tores, who helped him despite resenting him for faking his death. After Generation X disbanded, Skin moved with Jubilee to L.A., to help support her acting career. When the two separated, Skin resurfaced as one of the mutants crucified on the Xavier Institute lawn by the Church of Humanity. He did not survive. His remains then became the subject of controversy, as his body was exhumed because the cemetery he was placed him did not allow mutants. With some convincing from Jubilee and Husk, he was allowed to be cremated.

His Deal: Skin was the oddest-looking member of Generation X. Due to his mutation, he had sagging skin and a grey complexion. His inability to pass for “normal” actually helped facilitate a friendship with Chamber, the resident loner on the team. In fact, Skin arguably had the most well-rounded relationship with Generation X, being on good terms with every member. He originally had a flirtatious relationship with Husk, then developed a crush on Jubilee.

Personality: At first, Skin was wary of trusting others, but he opened up during his time with Generation X. He proved to be rather fun loving and understanding, though he often hid this behind a tough guy persona. He could talk with almost everyone in Generation X. He often flirted with Husk. His own feelings towards his weird mutation made him a kindred spirit with Chamber. His ties to L.A. and humor sparked a friendship with Jubilee. He even proved mature enough to contend with M. Skin often proved that his most valuable quality was not his powers, but his mind. His “street smarts” often allowed him to think and talk his way out of situations better than many of his teammates.

Fun Fact: Skin had to consciously keep his face together, or else is would lose its shape


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #317 (1994)

Death: Skin was killed and crucified by the Church of Humanity


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