Powers: Possession and Hex-Bolts


What!?: She can take people over, and has energy attacks

Origins: Talia Josephine “T.J.”  Wagner, or Nocturne, is the daughter of Nightcralwer and the Scarlet Witch from an alternate timeline. She became an X-Man at an early age after a disastrous battle with the Shadow King that left many of the X-Men dead. At about 20 years old, she was told by a being known as the Timebroker that she was “unhinged from time” and that her displacement would alter her timeline and kill her father. In order to prevent that, Talia became the first member of the Exiles, a reality-hopping team dedicated to fixing alternate universes.

While in the Exiles, Talia developed a relationship with Thunderbird, a former horsemen of Apocalypse in his timeline. Talia even became pregnant with his child, but his premature death caused Talia to lose the baby. Talia is eventually able to overcome this, and even meets the mainstream Nightcrawler, whom she forms a bond with. For a time, Talia was left in the mainstream universe, where she attempted to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Mutants, only to be sent to the Mojoworld, escaping, and accidentally causing the X-Men to be turned into infants. After M-Day, she briefly joins the New Excalibur before returning to the Exiles.

Her Deal: Much like her father Nightcralwer, Nocturne has become a fan favorite due to her charisma and elf-like appearance. She is from the reality designated as Earth-2182. She is mostly associated with the Exiles. Due to her parents, she has a rather notable extended family, including her grandparents Magneto and Mystique, her uncle Quicksilver, and aunt Rouge. Though her mother is an Avenger, she has more connections with the X-Men, considering them her adoptive family. Her most consistent relationship is with a John Proudstar, Thunderbird, from an alternate reality.

Personality: Nocturne was raised within the X-Men, and was personally trained by her father Nightcrawler. However, his exhaustive training with a bit of an inferiority complex, as she felt she was never going to measure up with his standards. This all changed during her first mission as a X-Man, where she proved instrumental. Outside of this, Nocturne is known for her free spirit and positive attitude, ironically similar to that of her father’s. She has also shown to be hesitant to taking on leadership positions despite her experience.

Fun Fact: While on Earth 616, Nocturne started a punk band


First Appearance: Blink #4 (2001)


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