Powers: Super Human


What!?: Enhanced sight, sound, smell, touch, and hearing, plus super reflexes and intelligence

Origins: At some point, the beautiful woman known as Callisto lost her right eye and was left horribly disfigured. Traumatized by her lose of appearance, Callisto fled underground and forms a group of “grotesque” mutants called the Morlocks. After years of living in secret, she exposes the group by kidnapping the X-Man Angel, who she intended to marry. This prompts the X-Man Storm to challenge Callisto to a duel for leadership of the Morlocks, which Callisto loses.

Bitter at the lose, Callisto tries to manipulate Kitty Pryde into marrying Caliban, but is foiled by the latter. Her hostility towards the X-Men lessens over time, especially after the Mutant Massacre that resulted in almost every Morlock dead. The few survivors went to live on Muir Island with Dr. Moira MacTaggert, and in gratitude, Callisto served as the doctor’s bodyguard. The Morlocks eventually return to New York under the command of Masque, who briefly restored Callisto’s beauty to mentally torture her. The Morlocks then fell under the control of Mikhail Rasputin, Colossus’s brother, who sent the Morlocks to live in an alternate dimension. There, Callisto raised the young mutant Marrow, trying her best to curb the ruthless attitude Mikhail was trying to ingrain. When they returned to Earth, Callisto sent Marrow to live with the X-Men. At some point, Callisto was given tentacles by Masque, and forced to fight in an Arena, but was saved by Storm. At her request, she went to the destroyed island of Genosha to serve as Professor X’s bodyguard. After M-Day, Callisto lost her powers, but was momentarily overcharged by Quicksilver and his Terrigen Mist. She later formed X-Cell. a mutant group that blames the U.S. government for M-Day, but the group is quickly disbanded.

Her Deal: Callisto was the leader of the Morlocks, a group of sewer dwelling mutants. She was actually the founder of the group, along with the mutant Caliban. Ironically, her membership is not based on an uncontrollable mutation, but on her scarred face. Callisto has an ongoing rivalry with Storm, who defeated her in a knife fight for leadership of the Morlocks. However, due to Storm’s absences, Callisto often serves as de factor leader. Callisto is also a mother-figure to Marrow. Callisto has been involved with both Colossus (due to her time of restored beauty) and his brother Mikhail. She also attempted to kidnapped and “join” with Angel. She may have also developed a slight romance with Professor X.

Personality: Though Callisto likes to act tough, the real Callisto is actually a mentally fragile woman. Callisto was traumatized when her beauty was taken from her. It is suggested that she was assaulted after it was discovered she was a mutant. She formed the Molocks partly to protect other mutants, and partly to not be alone. Her biggest fear is beauty, because it reminds her of what she once had, and what was taken away from her. Her sanity was obviously at its breaking point when she tried to force Angel into marrying her. After her lost to Storm, however, Callisto began to become less bitter, even to the point of showing gratitude to those that helped her. Her mentorship of Marrow showcased a Callisto that had grown wiser with age. Though Callisto is not as unreasonable as before, she is still capable of anger and conspiracy, and generally has a cynical personality.

Fun Fact: Callisto is named after a beautiful mythical nymph who was transformed into a bear after being attacked by Zeus


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #169 (1983)


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