Powers: Techno-Organic Being

Douglock commission small

What!?: Robot powers

Origins: Douglock was actually an amnesiac Warlock, a longtime member of the New Mutants. When Warlock was destroyed by the villainous Cameron Hodge in Genosha, his ashes were place on the grave of Dough Ramsey, also known as Cypher. Later on, Hodge created the Phalanx, humans infected with the techno-organic virus. These half-men, half-machine beings then attempted to absorb Warlock’s remains, as he was the originator of the virus. They ended up absorbing Cypher as well, and because the Phalanx could not incorporate Mutant DNA, they ended up creating an independent minded Phalanx called “Douglock.” This “Douglock” was actually ¬†Warlock, who used Dough Ramsey’s body and mind as a template to revive himself. Douglock joined Excalibur, but many in the team were unnerved by his similar appearance and mannerisms to Doug Ramsey. Though Douglock was able to make friends with the team, he regained his memories after an encounter with the Red Skull and became Warlock once again.

His Deal: Many think that “Douglock” was just a reanimated Doug Ramsey using Warlock’s powers. It was in fact the opposite. “Douglock” was actually a reanimated Warlock using Dough Ramsey’s body and memories. Doug himself would be resurrected years later by the witch Seline, ironically by the same Transmode Virus that created Douglock. For all intents and purposes, howerver, “Douglock” can be though of as a unique character, a combination of both Doug and Warlock. Presumably, Douglock can return if Doug and Warlock ever decide to combine. “Douglock’s” love interest was Wolfsbane, Doug Ramsey’s former girlfriend.

Personality: Because the Phalanx absorbed both Warlock and Doug Ramsey at the same time, the creature that was created was a mix of both. Douglock had all of Warlock’s powers, but Doug Ramsey’s memories and looks. Douglock didn’t consider himself one or the other, instead viewing himself as a separate entity all together. However, he did act more like Doug than Warlock. He spent the majority of his time trying to convince his fellow Excalibur teammates that he was not Doug Ramsey. It was later revealed that Douglock was actually Warlock, whose Phalanx-induced accidental revival caused him to lose his memories and adopt those of his late friend.

Fun Fact: Douglock somehow got drunk at Captain Britain’s bachelor party


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #313 (1994)


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