Powers: Wizard


What!?: He uses magic.

Origins: Feron was named after his ancestor Feron, a friend of Merlin and student of Necrom. The elder Feron had used the Phoenix Force to defeat Necrom when he turned evil. This, however, wounded the powerful Phoenix Force, causing Feron to exile himself on Earth in order to atone and prepare for the return of Necrom. Centuries later, his heir would be the modern day Feron, a teenage boy raised in an Irish monastery. The boy was trained from birth to be the next host of the Phoenix Force, and was taught very powerful magics. However, when Feron sensed Necrom was returning and attempted to connect to the Phoenix Force, nothing happened. To his chagrin, the Phoenix Force had already chosen Rachel Summers as it’s host. Despite feeling that Rachel was an unworthy host, he could help her and Exalibur against Necrom. Feron stayed with Excalibur until the Captain Britain was lost to the time stream, and his attempt to console Meggan backfired and turned him into a water. When Feron gained his body back, be became the leader of the Crazy Gang and attacked Captain Britain’s bachelor party. He was angry at Excalibur for not even searching for him, but the team managed to convince him otherwise.

His Deal: Feron is a powerful magician, and briefly served as Excalibur’s resident magic expert. He was also the rudest member of the group, and was often used for comic relief. His ancestor was the first depiction of a male host for the Phoenix. Feron was, and technically still is, a potential host for the Phoenix Force.

Personality: Despite growing up in a monastery, Feron was ironically very arrogant. Feron had been raised to be the next host of the Phoenix Force, one of the most powerful entities in the known universe. This obviously went to his head, as he developed an enlarged feeling of self-importance. He felt very resentful towards Rachel Summers, who was the host of the Phoenix Force instead of him. He even attempted to fight the incredibly powerful Necrom by himself in order to fulfill his supposed destiny. Though Feron’s ego is very fragile, he eventually came to care for the member of Excalibur. Being sheltered at the monastery all his life, they were his first real friends.

Fun Fact: Feron was not allowed to touch the ground for fear of prematurely activating the Phoenix Force, so he levitated for most of his childhood.


First Appearance: Excalibur #48 (1992)



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