Powers: Mass and Size Manipulation


What!?: He can shrink or get taller. Limited shape-shifting.

Origins: Scott Wright, or Micromax, was a radio DJ who joined Britain’s F.I.6 after discovering his mutant powers. He was assigned to look into a series of Museum thefts, and mistakenly accused Rachel Summers of being the culprit. He later fought the real culprit, Necrom, who effectively killed almost every member of F.I.6. Necrom was only defeated through the combined efforts of Micromax and Excalibur. Micromax was also briefly kidnapped by the R.C.X. agency, until he was rescued by Nightcrawler. After the events of M-Day, Micromax joined O*N*E*, a security force meant to police the remaining 198 mutants. He is stabbed by Shatterstar when the mutants escaped, but he is healed by Angel

His Deal: Micromax appeared sporadically throughout Excalibur, often as a member of a British secret agency. For the majority of his existence, he was been associated with one intelligence group or another. His powers are similar to that of DC’s Atom, or even Marvel’s Ant-man and Wasp. Also, despite his status as a secret agent, he rarely gets the job done, losing more often than winning.

Personality: Micromax is a consummate company man, preferring to serve under an organization rather than informal supergroup. He follows orders, even if he disagrees with them, such as his stint as a mutant policeman in O*N*E*. He is not above killing criminals. He tends to rely on his powers more than his actual skills, which could account for his lack of success as a secret agent.

Fun Fact: Mircromax is actually a short, balding, pot-bellied man. He uses his powers to make himself look better.


First Appearance: Excalibur #44 (1991)


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