Powers: Electromagnetic Manipulation of the Red Spectrum


What!?: She controls red light. She’s also a Shi’ar Warrior.

Origins: Cerise is an alien from the planet Shaskofrugon in the Shi’ar Empire who deserted the empire’s army, the Grand Jhar, after refusing to kill innocent civilians. She accidentally came to Earth, where she became a member of the superhero team Excalibur after a brief scuffle. Cerise remained with Excalibur until she was captured by the Shi’ar Empire and briefly imprisoned for her desertion. However, she was pardoned by Empress Lilandra, and allowed to serve her prison sentence as a personal aide. Cerise became responsible for investigating reports of violence and brutality within the Shi’ar military.

Her Deal: Cerise was one of many Shi’ar to join an X-Men affiliate team. Though a part of the Shi’ar Empire, she herself is not racially Shi’ar. She left the Empire because of their brutality. Cerise has the same powerset as DC’s Green Lantern. Her major love interest was Nightcrawler.

Personality: Cerise is notable for being one of the few members of the Shi’ar Empire who is not constantly enraged. She has a cooler mind than most Shi’ar warriors, and isn’t one to fight without reason. She did not blindly follow the Empire’s orders, and actually deserted the army for their genocidal practices. On Earth, Cerise showed a stereotypical ignorace of Earth customs, even calling kissing “mouth messages.” Though having no lust for violence, she does enjoy having an exciting life.

Fun Fact: Cerise showed no knowledge for natural births, implying that she was genetically engineered rather than born


First Appearance: Excalibur #47 (1992)


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