Powers: Sound Mimicry


What!?: He can copy any sound. He also looks like a cat.

Origins: Colin McKay, or Kylun, was once a normal boy on the run from the crime lord Vixen, when he encountered the robot Widget, who teleported him to the world of Ee’rath. There, the boy was taken in by the exiled royal family and trained to be their greatest warrior against the evil sorcerer Necrom. The boy also fell in love with the queen daughter, Princess Sa’tneen, and the two were to be wed. Unfortunately, fearing the royal family’s growing powers, Necrom attacked the royal family, killing them all and kidnapping Sa’tneen. Kylun managed to gather a large army, and after years of fighting, defeated Necrom’s army. At the moment of his fall, however, Necrom killed Sa’tneen and escaped into the “Tower that Crosses Time.” Vowing vengance, Kylun followed, and found himself back on his native Earth.

The “Tower that Crosses Time” turned out to be Excalibur’s lighthouse, and Kylun joined forces with the team to defeat Necrom. A battle with Necrom resulted in the destruction of the lighthouse, forcing the team to relocate to Braddock Manor, where Kylun was finally allowed to bury his beloved Sa’tneen. Kylun decides to leave the team in order to tell his parents what happened to him, but he is captured by the R.C.X. agency, who plan to use the Britain’s superpowered citizens, or Warpies, to restore the British Empire. Kylun played a key role in stopping R.C.X. plans, using his power of sound Mimicry to scare the Warpies and finally defeating R.C.X. Kylun showed up again for Captain Britain and Meggan’s wedding.

His Deal: Kylun was very reminiscent of Lionel from the Thundercats, or He-Man from the Masters of the Universe. He was, after all, a boy who turned into a magical alien knight in order to fight an evil sorcerer. Kylun was considered the greatest warrior on Ee’rath, or Earth-148. It should be noted that Kylun was actually sent into the future of Earth-148, as it was revealed that Necrom had defeated Earth-148’s heroes long ago and used them as Zombie guards. Kylun’s greatest love was Princess Sa’tneen.

Personality: Though Colin McKay was a normal kid on Earth, he was a great hero on the world of Ee’rath. Trained by the royal family, Colin grew into the noble warrior Kylun. Kylun was known throughout Ee’rath for his bravery, skill, and kindness. His ability to raise and lead an army after the defeat of the royal family showed his aptitude for leadership and ability to inspire others. He was also an incredibly powerful opponent, able to fight on par with Necrom, who is said to have trained Merlin himself. On a more humorous note, Kylun is embarrassed by his mutant power of sound mimicry, as well as his somewhat mundane life back on Earth.

Fun Fact: Kylun’s swords cannot hurt anyone the pure of heart.


First Appearance: As Colin Excalibur #2 (1988), As Kylun Excalibur #43 (1991)


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