Widget (Kate Pryde)

Powers: Interdimensional Teleportation. Phasing.


What!?: She was a dimensional train, and also had robot powers. Human form could walk through walls.

Origins: Widget was originally Katherine “Kate” Pryde-Rasputin, one of the last surviving X-Men in a future ruled by mutant-hunting Sentinels. She was sent into the past to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelley, which led to the creation of the Sentinels, but ended up creating an alternate timeline. When she returned to her present, all the X-Men except Rachel Summers were dead. Her travels attracted the attention of the Phoenix Force, whom Kate convinced to join with Rachel and take her back in time. Once Rachel was sent back in time during a failed attack on an advanced Sentinel prototype called the “Nimrod,” Kate was captured by the Sentinels. Their attempts at reopening the time warp coupled with Kate’s attempt to phase out of her inhibitor collar resulted in Kate and the Sentinel merging within the time warp.

Kate’s mind found itself in a small robotic body in the mainstream universe. She had no memory of her past life, and now had the ability to send transport people to alternate realities. She was eventually found by Excalibur, and was unknowingly reunited with her younger self and Rachel Summers, now going by Phoenix. Contact with the Phoenix Force overloaded Kate, forcing her to transport Excalibur to many different timelines, in what is now known as the “Cross-Time Caper.” After this adventure, Kate was able to regain her memories and reconstructed her own body. She then traveled back to her own timeline, along with Rachel and Excalibur, and successfully reprogrammed the Sentinels, finally ending their genocidal tyranny.

Her Deal: Widget first appeared as a crazy robot, but was later revealed to be Kate Pryde, a key figure in the famous Days of Future Past storyline. Kate was responsible for warning the X-Men of the Sentinel ruled future, as well as for sending Rachel Summers into the mainstream universe. As Widget, she served to facilitate one of Excalibur’s arguably most well known story arcs, the dimension hopping “Cross-Time Caper.” Kate Pryde was married to her time’s Colossus, and served as a mother figure/mentor to Rachel Summers.

Personality: Much like the mainstream Shadowcat, Kate Pryde was a smart, brave, and wise woman. But years of living in a dystopian future where her friends and family had been killed wore her down. Though still heroic and caring, this Katherine Pryde seemed much more tired than her youthful counterpart. She was willing to go back in time and possibly erase her entire history if it meant creating a better world. As Widget, Kate lost all her memory, and adopted a more child-like personality. She also had an abnormal craving for metal.

Fun Fact: Since Kate managed to end the Sentinel rule, she is technically the true “hero” of the Days of Future Past storyline


First Appearance: As Kate Pryde Uncanny X-Men #141 (1981), As Widget Excalibur #1 (1988)


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