Powers: Empathic Metamorph

0 0 1 AMM meggan

What!?: She can transform based on other’s emotions, transmit her own emotions to others, copy superpowers, and mentally connect with the Earth to control the elements. Her body also adapts to different environments.

Origins: Meggan Puceanu, or Gloriana, or simply Meggan, was born in a blizzard to a British-gypsy family. Her powers activated immediately after birth, giving her fur because of the cold. Unfortunately, her family thought she was a monster, and because of the nature of Meggan’s powers, she transformed into a monster, developing fangs and batwings. She was kept hidden most of her life, being raised largely by television. Eventually, Meggan ran into Captain Britain and the two fought, but the death of a civilian during their fight fostered a friendship. During a battle with the “Warpies” (interdimensionally mutated children), Meggan transformed into Captain Britain’s ideal form of beauty, and the two fell in love.

The two tried to settle down in a secluded lighthouse, but the death of the X-Men against the reality-warping Adversary caused Captain Britain to start drinking. Worried, Meggan contacted Nightcrawler, and the ensuing adventure resulted in the formation of the superhero team, Excalibur. Meggan and Captain Britain went through many trials while in Excalibur, particularly the advances of the Captain’s former lover, Courtney Ross and her evil counterpart named Sat-YR-9. There was also the time Captain Britain was lost to the Omniverse, but Meggan managed to bring him back by forcing teammate Rachel Summers to switch places with him. This incident actually activated another power within Meggan, allowing her to control the elements. Meggan and Captain Britain eventually got married.

When Captain Britain was named ruler of the multiverse, Meggan became it’s queen. However, her reign was short-lived, as the event known as House of M ripped a hole in reality that threatened to consume it, forcing Meggan to sacrifice herself to protect the Earth and slow down the dangerous aftereffects. Meggan was briefly forgotten when reality restored itself, but it was revealed that she was lost between dimensions. Meggan winds up in Hell, where her powers evolved into allowing her to influence other’s emotions. She sparks a rebellion in Hell, and is given the name “Gloriana” by her Demonic army. After forming her own kingdom, “Elysium,” Meggan manages to escape Hell, but winds up in the clutches of Doctor Doom and Dracula. This proved to be Dracula’s undoing however, as Meggan’s presence greatly hindered his control over his army during his invasion of Britain, which leads to Meggan and Captain Britain reuniting.

Her Deal: Meggan was the beauty who looked like a beast. She has also looked like an elf on occasion. Her powers originally made her look like other saw her. If people thought she was a monster, she turned into one. If people loved her, she turned into an attractive woman. Most of her powers are based on empathy, including her control of the elements. However, as she gained more control over her powers, Meggan has been able to control her transformations, and influence others. Given her conquest of Hell, she is very vesatile metamorph, and possibly the strongest Empath in the reality. She was Excalibur’s most beautiful, if ditziest, member. She had particularly strong friendships, often verging on romances, with Nightcrawler and Colossus. She is married to Captain Britain.

Personality: Meggan grew up largely on British television and was largely isolated growing up. As such, she lacked certain cultural conventions, and was originally somewhat shy and timid. However, as she experience more of the outside world, Meggan grew into a free spirit, becoming very friendly, if slightly naive. Her body tends to transform depending on her mood. Due to her Empathetic powers, some of her personalty and appearance is based on the people around her. Meggan herself has questioned how much control she has over her own being. However, it has been revealed that the more assertive she becomes, the more control she has over her powers. For example, her desire to rescue Captain Britain and later to escape Hell have both resulted in the growth of her powers.

Fun Fact: Meggan was created by Alan Moore


First Appearance: Might World of Marvel #7 (1983)

Death: Meggan died slowing down the negative backlash of House of M


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