Captain Britain

Powers: Interdimensional Energy Conduit


What!?: He’s super-strength and ability to fly are powered by another dimension

Origins: Brain Braddock, or Captain Britain, was a young physicist from the aristocratic Braddock family. While working at the Darkmoor research center, the facility is attacked by technological bandits. Brain tried to get help with his motorcycle, but crashes it in a near fatal accident. Dying, he is approached by Merlin and his daughter Roma, who offer to save his live in exchange for serving as the next Captain Britain. He is then offered a choice: The Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Brain chooses the Amulet, as he did not consider himself a warrior.

Brain accepts his role as a superhero, even briefly rooming with Peter Parker while living in America. It was here that Brian developed a drinking problem, one that would stay with him the rest of his life. When Brain was returning to Britain, he was psychically attacked and lost his memories. He returned to normal after meeting the Black Knight and adventuring in Otherworld, the home of Merlin and Roma. Brain is then thrown into a battle with Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury, which cost Merlin his life. Brain gives up the mantle for a time, which leads his sister Betsy to take his place, but a disastrous fight with the villain Slaymaster causes Brain to become Captain Britain yet again.

At some point during all this, Brain met Meggan, the future love of his life. Their love was seriously tested when the X-Men, including Betsy, seemingly died fighting an interdimensional adversary. Brain began to drink again, scarring Meggan into seeking help from Nightcrawler, who helped Brain out of his depression. Together, along with Shadowcat and Rachel Summers, they formed the superhero team known as Excalibur. The team mainly fought interdimesional threats. Brain himself was briefly lost to the omniverse after a trip to the future, but he was returned by Rachel Summers, who took his place. Confused over this, Brain called himself Britanic for a time. Brain is once again able to regain his memories just in time to marry Meggan in a ceremony held in Otherworld.

Later on, Brain is attacked by Roma’s men, and he learns that he is the rightful heir of Otherworld. Using the Sword of Might, also known as Excalibur, Brain defeat Roma, who was revealed to be an evil imposter. The real Roma gives up her thrown to Brian, making Brian and Meggan the ruler of the multiverse. Brain lives in relative peace for a while, even naming a new Captain Britain. Unfortunately, the evens of House of M threatened the entire multiverse, forcing his wife Meggan to sacrifice herself to save Earth. Brain returns to being Captain Britain, helping stop the Skrull invasion by once again sacrificing himself and being resurrected. Brain is eventually reunited with Meggan, and together with MI13, serve as Britain’s first line of defense.

His Deal: Captain Britain was originally only printed in the United Kingdom, as a way for Marvel to enter the British market. The Captain even got his powers from Merlin. Many of Captain Britain’s adventures revolved around Otherworld, an alternate dimension that watches over the multiverse. Although always derived from Otherworld, the medium for his powers have evolved over the years. At first, he got his power through the Amulet of Right, then through a super suit powered by Britain itself, then he only needed the suit outside of Britain, then all the time, and now his powers are based on his confidence levels. Captain Britain is part of a larger corp of Captain Britains that police the multiverse, reminiscent of DC’s Green Lantern Corp. His brother Jaime and sister Betsy, also known as Psylocke, have also had experience in Otherworld. He is the only sibling not to be a mutant. His family also has a position within the Hellfire Club. His longest afiiliation with an X-team was with the European based Excalibur. He is married to the shape-shifter Meggan.

Personality: Brian Braddock was originally a shy and studious young man, who spent most his time studying and living a slower paced life than his more active brother and sister. When presented with the choice between the defensive Amulet of Right and offensive Sword of Might, Brian chose the less violent path. Though valiant and strong, Brain can also be stubborn. At moments of great doubt, he has succumb to alcoholism. He has, however, shown a great potential for personal growth. His friendship with Spider-Man, time with  Excalibur, and marriage to Meggan have each allowed Brain to develop into a better person. Compared to his original self, Brain has fully accepted his role as Captain Britain, more than willing to die to defend his country and people.

Fun Fact: Captain Britain was intended to be a English version of Captain America. Ultimate Comics even made mentions of this fact.


First Appearance: Captain Britain Weekly #1 (1976)

Death: Captain Britain has died a lot, and each time he is resurrected by Merlin with slightly different powers.


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