Pip the Troll

Powers: Teleportation


What!?: Exposure to an Infinity Gem gave him the power of teleportation.

Origins: Pip the Troll was once a Prince Gofern of the planet Laxidazia, until a night of drinking resulted in being magically transformed into a troll-like creature. He was exiled, but later encountered Adam Warlock, who would prove a life-long friend. Pip even joins Infinity Watch, a group dedicated to safeguarding the powerful Infinity Gems, personally holding the Space Gem. After Infinity Watch disbands, Pip runs afoul of Hela, Norse god of the underworld, but manages to escape via a magic pendant. Hela hires X-Factor Investigations to find Pip, but they betray her after finding out who Pip is. In gratitude, Pip becomes X-Factor’s secretary.

His Deal: Pip once held an Infinity Gem, which theoretically made him one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He mainly served a comic-relief during his adventures with Adam Warlock. Pip has met many Universal superpowers, including Thanos and Galactus. He also briefly led Infinity Watch. 

Personality: Once turned into a troll, Pip was exiled by his own people for his lewd and hedonistic behavior. However, seeing as he was turned into a troll after a night of binge drinking in the first place, his transformation may only have amplified his personality. Pip is known for being brash and rough, but also loyal and largely unambitious. Pip has had supreme power many times before, but he has never abused it.

Fun Fact: Pip was briefly King of the Universe.


First Appearance: Strange Tales #179 (1975)

Killed: Pip was killed by a woman shouting that “X-Factor will Fall”


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