Powers: Reactive Evolution


What!?: His body adapts to anything

Origins: Armando Munoz’s, or Darwin’s, physical mutation activated early on, causing his father to leave the family. His mother blamed Darwin for this, and his desire to impress his mother activated his mutant power while taking an intelligence test. Darwin himself became aware of his powers when he saves his mother from a burning building. However, his mother continued to reject him, driving him to suicide. Darwin’s powers prevented him from killing himself, and after talking to a school psychiatrist, he was sent to Moira MacTaggert.

Darwin became part of a forgotten X-Men team formed to rescue the original X-Men from the Krakoa, the living island. The mission failed, but Darwin survived by fusing with fellow teammate Vulcan. Darwin regained his physical form years later when Rachel Summers freed him. Darwin joined the X-Men after learning that Vulcan was attempting to destroy the Shi’ar Empire after regaining his own memories, but that mission too failed. Later on, Darwin’s father hired X-Factor Investigation to find his son, but in reality, wanted to betray him to a group of evil scientist. X-Factor saved Darwin and he joined the team. After a battle with Hela, the Norse god of the underworld, Darwin felt overwhelmed and left the team. Darwin was left with destructive visions revolving around Wolfsbane’s son Tier. Darwin dedicates himself to killing Tier, though this too ended in failure.

His Deal: Darwin was part of “Deadly Genesis,” a story line that retconned early X-Men history. It made him part of the “real” second generation of X-Men, alongside Cyclop’s brother Vulcan. His existence, along with the rest of his team, was erased from everyone’s memories by Professor X after their disastrous first mission. Despite this, Darwin still had a innate trust in Xavier. Darwin’s powers focus more on survival than offense, meaning that if faced with a supremely powerful opponent, he may develop a power for flight rather than fight. Darwin is the closest thing Vulcan had to a friend. Darwin has had romantic feelings towards Monet.

Personality: Darwin in a calm and level headed young man. Growing up, he desperately wanted his mother to love him, but she constantly rejected him. He took this rejection in stride. He later transferred some of his parental love to Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert, who he showed extreme loyalty to. After being “revived,” Darwin has generally sought a less stressful lifestyle, even joining X-Factor for that very reason. However, his actions while having god-like powers and foreseeing a horrific future caused by Wolfsbane’s son has suggested at least some level of mercilessness.

Fun Fact: When Darwin faced the Hulk, his body determined that the best response was to teleport away.


First Appearance: Deadly Genesis #2 (2006)

Death: Darwin died during his fist mission on Krokoa


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