Powers: The “Perfect” Woman


What!?: She’s basically Superman, but with Psychic Powers Too.

Origins: Monet St. Croix, or M, is the daughter of a wealthy Morocan father and Algerian mother. After the mysterious death of their mother, her brother was banished from home. He returned for Monet in the form of the vampiric Emplate, seeking her help to conquer another dimension. She rudely refused him, causing Emplate to transform her into a mute, thorny skinned mutant named “Penance.”  Monet’s younger sisters found Emplate and “Penance,” and banished their brother to another dimension. Monet followed, believing Emplate could transform her back to normal. To spare their father the grief of losing his favorite daughter, the sisters used their powers to impersonate Monet. It was this “M” that would eventually join Generation X.

Meanwhile, the real Monet was kept prisoner by Emplate, who feed off her for years. Monet is finally rescued by Gateway, who leaves her with Generation X. Emplate continuously attacks Generation X in order to regain Monet, or “Penance.” After the “M-Twins” finally learns the real identity of “Penance,” they switch bodies and finally free Monet. The real Monet, however, is far from grateful for her time with Generation X, often clashing with every member, except for Everett Thomas. After Generation X disbands, Monet briefly joins Banshee’s X-Corp and Xavier’s X-Corporation. After M-Day, Monet joined X-Factor Investigations, where she had a brief romance with Jaime Maddox. Monet ironically becomes good friends witn Siryn, who had also slept with Jaime, even moving in with her after she lost her baby. When Strong Guy is resurrected without a soul, he begins to show romantic feeling for Monet, but his immorality disgusts her. Monet later dies at the hands of the God of the Underworld, but is resurrected by Strong Guy. Disturbed by her death, Monet feels lost after X-Factor Investigations splits up, winding up with the X-Men.

Her Deal: Monet’s real identity was very confusing when she first showed up. The Monet that largely appeared in Generation X was technically the St. Croix Sisters. The real Monet was actually Penance, until she switched places with her sisters. Many members of Monet’s family seem to have multiple powers. Monet, for example, has a power set comparable to Superman, including super strength, flight, and invulnerability. Monet is a unique comic book character as one of the few fully realized Muslim heroes. Monet has had notable rivalries/friendships with Jubilee and Siryn. She has had romantic dealings with Everett Thomas, Jaime Maddox, Strong Guy, and Darwin.

Personality: Monet was raised as a spoiled and pompous rich girl until she was kidnapped by her brother. Her years as a prisoner have left Monet with serious psychological scars that she masks with a brash attitude. She admits to having suicidal thoughts due to her imprisonment. Monet will often act stuck-up, rude, argumentative, and vain (though some of her attitude is justified, as she is in fact a rich, beautiful, multi-lingual, intelligent, and powerful young woman). She is very defensive, hiding any shred of vulnerability. Monet has a tendency to keep others at arms length, but is capable of caring for others. She is particularly proud of her mutant status, and won’t let anyone look down on her.

Fun Fact: Monet once bought all the ladies of X-Factor iphones.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #316 (1994)

Death: Monet was killed by Pluto, the God of the Underworld


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