Layla Miller

Powers: Reanimation. She also knows stuff.


What!?: Mutant power of reviving people, but without souls. She also “knows stuff” in advance thanks to an information upload from her future self.

Origins: Layla Miller, or Butterfly, was orphaned at a young age and had the mutant ability to breath fire. Her entire life was changed when the Scarlet Witch went insane and remade reality. Layla found herself living with her parents, but fully aware that the world had changed. She also found out she had the new ability to restore people’s memories of the original world. She helped restore the memories of most of Earth’s heroes, who managed to restore reality, but at the cost of depowering all the mutants on Earth, a event remembered as “M-Day.”

Layla found herself back at the orphanage, were she meet her future self and absorbed all her information about the next 80 years. Now able to predict the future, Layla informally made herself a part of X-Factor Investigations, often nudging them on certain paths. She fell into a notable feud with Quicksilver, declaring herself his nemesis. When the first mutant baby since M-Day was born, Layla and Jaimie Maddox were sent to investigate possible mutant-filled futures, and Layla voluntarily stranded herself in the future of Lucas Bishop. Layla lived in a mutant internment camp until she escaped and managed to find an old Cyclops and his daughter Ruby Summer, and together they instigate the “Summers Rebellion.”

An adult Layla later brings Jaime into the future, and they fall in love. The duo escape the future together, but Layla goes further back in time in order to give her younger self all her information and secure the timeline. She then spends a year learning magic from Doctor Doom. After that, Layla joins X-Factor once again, and revives Strong Guy when he dies, but without a soul. This action causes much of the team to resent Layla, especially when Multiple Man also appears to die. It is revealed that Guido was meant to die, and that reviving him had cost Multiple Man his life. After Jaime miraculously returns to life, the two start a relationship again. Layla and Jaime eventually elope and get married, and after many events, including facing the demon lords of hell, Layla and Jaime settle down with a baby on the way.

Her Deal: Layla Miller was specifically made for the House of M story line, as a way for the Marvel Heroes to regain their memories. Her character was later expanded upon in X-Factor. Her actual mutant power has always been somewhat confusing, though it was finally stated to be reanimation. Her most well-known power is in fact not a mutant power at all. Layla is famous for “knowing stuff.” She is not psychic, but instead has knowledge of future events thanks to information given to her by her future self. This also allows her to see the “butterfly effect,” or the different outcomes every decision makes. Layla is responsible for: turning Trevor Fitzroy evil, turning Strong Guy evil, Siryn’s transformation into a Banshee, and most of Bishop’s adult life. Her longest relationship is with Jaime Maddox, the Multiple Man.

Personality: Layla has always given off a cryptically playful attitude to others. She loves to make sly jokes about the future. Her seeming omniscience often flusters everyone around her, even to the point of annoyance or anger. What most people don’t know is how alone Layla feels, or the burden she carries. Her knowledge about the future forces her to walk a very thin tightrope, having to make ensure that certain things happen without actually revealing what those things are.This often comes at great personal cost to her. Her knowledge during the House of M reality cost her a life with her parents. She got mental scars from her time in Bishop’s horrific future. The one time she tried to do against her the future, she revived Strong Guy, which literally caused Hell on Earth. In some ways, Layla is just as lost as the rest of us.

Fun Fact: It was once suggested that Layla was created by the Scarlet Witch as a failsafe to reverse House of M


First Appearance: House of M #4 (2005)


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