Powers: Photokinesis


What!?: She converts light into energy attacks

Origins: Shard Bishop, or simply Shard, was born in an alternate future where mutants were forced into concentration camps and branded with a large “M” over their eye. She and her older brother Lucas Bishop were raised by their grandmother until the Summers Rebellion granted them their freedom. Now living on the streets, the two stole to survive and ran afoul of the Xavier Security Enforce, a police group dedicated to Charles Xavier’s dream of Human-Mutant harmony. The siblings join X.S.E., becoming the youngest officers in history, with Shard becoming the youngest person ever to earn a command position.

During a mission, Shard fell victim to an ambush set up by her criminal ex-boyfriend Trevor Fitzroy. She was turned into an uncontrollable mutant-vampire, forcing her brother to mercy kill her. Bishop transferred Shards “essence” into a holographic matrix and carried her with him. When Bishop was stranded in the past, Shard was stranded with him. The device that help Shard’s holographic matrix was broken and taken to Forge, but it was eventually stolen by Humanity’s Last Stand. Shard’s essence was transferred to a energy containment chamber, which gave her just enough substance to destroy her holographic matrix and foil the organization’s plans. The resulting explosion created a photon-based body for Shard’s essence, allowing her to move and act independently. Shard joins X-Factor in hopes of creating a new X.S.E., but is later kidnapped by Trevor Fitzroy and taken into an alternate future where he is king. She is used as bait to lure Bishop, but sacrifices herself to help her brother on final time against Fitzroy.

Her Deal: Shard was Bishop’s younger sister. Her history helps explain why Bishop hated Trevor Fitzroy, and why he was so angry. Despite being the younger sibling, Shard actually outranked Bishop in the X.S.E. She mainly interacted with X-Factor, despite not having a physical body. Shard was in a long relationship with Trevor Fitzroy, a corrupt X.S.E. member, which later proved to be her undoing. She was also romantically linked with Jaime Maddox and Wild Child.

Personality: Despite sharing the same childhood, Shard was little like her brother Bishop. Shard was a cheerful young woman who had a “laugh in the face of danger” kind of attitude. She was more career minded, accepting an early command position while her brother constantly rejected them. She was fiercely independent, and even as a hologram, wished to be free to live and die on her own terms. This sometimes backfired on her, as seen in her relationship with the villainous Trevor Fitzroy. It seems that her childhood in the mutant concentration camps gave her an unquenchable thirst for life, in contrast to Bishop’s rage. Shard, however, still loved her brother, and was very grateful for the lengths he went to protect her.

Fun Fact: Shard was used to transport three X.S.E. members into the past, Fixx, Archer, and Greystone


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #314 (1994)

Death: Shard died giving her energy-based body to Bishop


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