Wild Child

Powers: Animalistic 


What!?: He’s has claws, fur, and super senses.

Origins: Kyle Gibney, or Wild Child, was thrown out of his home after his mutant powers manifested. He was found by the Secret Empire, an criminal organization that experimented on him in hopes of creating the perfect killer. Kyle was rescued by Wyre, a mutant assassin whose DNA had been used to make Kyle a mindless animal. Kyle was then given to Canada’s Department H, who oversaw the country’s superhuman activities. He was place in the low-tier Gamma Flight team, partly to keep him away from the military.

Kyle was trained by Wolverine before he joined the X-Men, and stayed on with Gamma Flight until Dept. H disbanded. Kyle joined Gamma Flight again when it reformed, but failed to control his animal tendencies. He was teleported away by the team leader and reappeared as “Weapon Omega,” with a more attractive face. He quickly joined Alpha Flight and began a relationship with team member Aurora. However, he began to revert to his original appearance and fled to the United States to joined X-Factor. When his mutation regressed further, Kyle left the team and was captured by Weapon X, who brainwashed him into collecting more mutants for the program. He then resurfaced under the service of Romulus, and would attempted to kill Wolverine during a fight with Omega Red, but was killed instead.

His Deal: Wild Child was a “feral” mutant in line with Wolverine or Sabertooth. He mainly interacted with Canada’s supergroups, such as Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight, and Omega Flight. Many often tried to use him as an assassin, much like Wolverine before him. Sabertooth also considered him a lesser version of himself. Wild Child was the youngest member in his X-Factor team. He had romantic feelings for Aurora and Shard.

Personality: For many years, Wild Child had problems controlling himself. The experiments from the Secret Empire had exacerbated an already difficult mutant power. In more than one instance, Wild Child was nothing more than a wild animal. His personality tended to change over the years, most likely due to his easily manipulated psyche. At times, Wild Child could be a somewhat vulnerable young man, with an almost endearing aura to him. At other times, Wild Child would be very arrogant, with an almost sadistic joy in hurting others. Whether these personality changes are due to specific stages of his life, his feral mutation, or his mental conditioning as a killer is hard to determine.

Fun Fact: When Kyle looks the most human, he prefers to call himself Wild Heart


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (1983)

Death: Kyle was killed by Omega Red while trying to kill Wolverine

Greatest Crime: Collecting mutants for Weapon X


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