Powers: Protoplasmic Adaptation


What!?: His body randomly transforms to counter any attack

Origins: At some point in his life, Marshall Evan Stone III, or Random, meet Dark Beast, an evil version of Hank McCoy who helped stabilize his powers. Stone works for Dark Best for a time until he escapes and creates the persona of “Random,” a tough-talking bounty hunter. Random clashes with X-Factor on numerous occasions, usually on the pretense of being hired by the government to capture one of their members. Random becomes an ally of sort for X-Factor, partly out of affection for Polaris. It’s eventually discovered that Stone is actually still a young boy who uses his powers to appear older. Random bounces around a few teams, helping Havok defeat Dark Beast, joining the Acolytes, and serving under Magneto in Genosha. He is also briefly captured by Weapon X. Random rejoins the Acolytes after M-Day, but later relocates to Utopia alongside many of the world’s remaining mutants.

His Deal: Random was first presented as a typical 1990’s character, fully clad in big muscles, oversized guns, and tough attitude. It is later revealed that this was all a facade made up by a boy trying to act mature, which could be interpreted as a commentary on 90’s comics as a whole. Random mainly appeared in X-Factor, then sporadically as a member of the Acolytes. He had a crush on Polaris.

Personality: Random always acted like a super macho guy who cared about nothin’ but money and pain. He always had a scowl on his face, and usually confronted a situation head on with little strategy. This, however, all turned out to be a fabrication made up by a young boy. Random used the image of what he thought an adult was to survive in the world. What lay beneath was a not-so intimidation kid who was more morally inclined than he lets on to be.

Fun Fact: It is implied that Random is not human, but an artificial life-form created by Dark Beast

Random (1)

First Appearance: X-Factor #88 (1993)


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