Powers: Speedster


What!?: Super Fast

Origins: Pietro Maximoff, or Quicksilver, is the son of Magneto and a gypsy woman named Magda, who left him due to his mutant powers and increasingly wrathful demeanor. Fearing that Magneto would find them, Magda killed herself to protect the identity of her children. Pierto and his twin sister Wanda, later known as the Scarlet Witch, were taken in by the Maximoff’s, who had their own twin children years before. When villagers attacked their gypsy camps, Pietro used his newly discovered super speed to escape with his sister, but the traumatic event caused them both to forget their childhood. The twins wandered around Europe until Wanda accidentally used her powers in public and was accused of witchcraft. The two would have been killed if not for the intervention of Magneto, who used their new found debt to him to make them join his Brotherhood of Mutants.

Pietro and Wanda fight with the Brotherhood against the original X-Men until Magneto is forced offworld. Seeking to reform, the twins join the Avengers, alongside Captain America and Hawkeye. Thanks to his time with the Avengers, Pietro meets Crystal, a royal member of the Inhumans, whom he falls in love with and married, resulting in the birth of his daughter Luna. It was not long after this that Pietro learns that Magneto is his father. Pietro also discovers that his wife Crystal had an affair, pushing him on a violent rampage thanks to the mental manipulation of Crystal’s evil cousin Maximus. Pietro and Crystal separate, with Pietro joining X-Factor, and Crystal joining the Avengers.

Pietro life was turned around a second time when his sister Wanda went insane after the death’s of her children. Fearing that the Avengers would harm her, Pietro convinced Wanda to use her powers to change reality. In their new world, mutants were the majority, every hero was living out their dreams, and Magneto ruled the world. However, thanks to the intervention of Wolverine and Layla Miller, many of the heroes realized what had happened. Enraged that Pietro had used him in such a manner, Magneto killed him. Wanda quickly revived Pietro, and angered by her father, uttered the words “No More Mutants,” reducing the mutant population to 198 worldwide in an event known as “M-Day.”

Pietro was one of the mutants that lost his powers, and became suicidal due being depowered and his role in M-Day. When Pietro was taken in by Crystal, Pietro secretly exposed himself to the Inhuman Terrigen Crystal vapors, which have mutagenic properties. Pietro stole the crystals and exposed his daughter Luna to them, then attempted to use the crystals to restore mutantkind. However, the crystal proved too effective, resulting in harmful and uncontrollable powers. Magneto attempted to stop him, leading to a violent confrontation that was only stopped by a crying Luna. Pietro’s actions also started a brief conflict between the United States and Inhumans. Pietro returned Luna to her mother and briefly lived as a vagrant, until he rediscovered his love of being a hero. Pietro joins the Avengers and returns the remaining Terrigen Crystals, clearing his name by falsely claiming that a disguised Skrull framed him. Though a lie, Pietro hopes to truly redeem himself.

His Deal: Quicksilver was one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and long time member of the Avengers. He is a well known example of a reformed villain, though recent events have implied some regression. He is the son of Magneto and brother of the Scarlet Witch.  He also has ties with the Inhumans, namely his former marriage to Crystal and his daughter Luna. However, his actions with the Terrigen Crystals have soured him relationships with the two. He is responsible to the House of M event, and partly responsible to the M-Day Decimation. Though a long time mutant in Marvel, he has only ever joined one mutant team, X-Factor.

Personality: Quicksilver has always been an angry and rude character. His mutation causes him to experience everything quicker than the average human, leaving him in a constant state of impatience. He considers himself smarter than everyone and is quite impulsive, giving off an arrogant and condescending attitude. On a more psychological level, his life as a traveling gypsy and wandering vagrant has left him very wary of trusting others. This is especially true with anything concerning his sister Wanda. Quicksilver is extremely protective of his sister. This feeling does not extend to other members of his family. Quicksilver has a cordial relationship with his other sister Polaris, and a somewhat neglectful relationship with his daughter Luna. He also has a strained relationship with his father Magneto, partly blaming him for his own anger and failings as a person. After the events of the House of M, Quicksilver is desperately looking to redeem himself, even if superficially.

Fun Fact: After the death of their mother, Pietro and Wanda were taken care of by a artificially evolved cow


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #4 (1964)

Death: Pietro was killed by Magneto during House of M


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