Valerie Cooper

Powers: Mutant Liason


What!?: She has years of experience dealing with the mutant community and it’s leaders

Origins: Valerie Cooper, or Dr. Cooper, is a government agent who was very concerned over the massive growth of the mutant and superhuman population. She saw the situation as a superhuman arms-race between nations, and didn’t want the U.S. to fall behind. Cooper was involved in transforming the Brotherhood of Mutants into the federally sanctioned “Freedom Force,” replacing Steve Rogers with a new Captain America, and recruiting Forge to develop a mutant-detection device. Valerie was also personally instrumental in forming the second incarnation of X-Factor as a government sponsored team. However, the government’s heavy-handed approach to the team, as well it’s habit of withholding valuable information from them, caused X-Factor to cut all ties with Valerie and the U.S. government. Cooper helps the X-Men sporadically until M-Day, when almost every mutant in the world is depowered. In light of the situation, Cooper creates the Sentinel Squad O*N*E*, a group of human piloted sentinels meant to guards the last remaining mutants living on the Xavier Mansion. This plan fails, however, as most of the mutants and X-Men move west. Cooper later spent her time working with X-Factor Investigations.

Her Deal: Valerie Cooper was once one of many government employees working to better control the superhuman and mutant situation. Cooper eventually evolved into the government’s leading expert on Mutant Affairs. Cooper has worked with many mutant factions in the past, notably Freedom Force and X-Factor. Though her relationship with the X-Men and their affiliates has had it’s ups and downs, she can still be considered one of the X-Men’s few government allies.

Personality: Valerie Cooper once had a hard lined stance against mutants and superhumans. She saw their growing population as a threat to national security, and sought ways to better control them. Her stance on mutants softened due to her time with members of Freedom Force. She formed the second X-Factor partly in hopes of creating a media-friendly mutant team. She has also helped the X-Men sporadically against anti-mutant government projects. Cooper’s feelings for the X-Men and the mutant cause have often come in conflict with her loyalty to the United States Government. She is the closest thing the X-Men have to a government liason. Time and time again, however, Cooper has proven to be a Federal agent first, and mutant ally second.

Fun Fact: Valerie Cooper holds a Doctorate in Psychology 


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #176 (1983)


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