Strong Guy

Powers: Temporary Kinetic Absorption


What!?: He becomes bigger and stronger everytime he’s hit, but needs to release that energy within 90 seconds or be left with a painful and disfigured body.

Origins: Guido Carosella, or Strong Guy, was a skinny and shy boy born to Italian parents. Guido became wealthy after a large settlement was given to him when his parents died from falling space debris. He first gained his powers when bullies caused him to be hit by a bus, which forced him to permanently absorb a large amount of kinetic energy that would forever disfigure his body. Guido was taken in by his loving Aunt and Uncle, and learned to mask his mental and physical pain (his new body caused him chronic pain) with laughter and false smiles.

Guido eventually lost most of his money, but managed to land a job bodyguarding the singer Lila Cheney. This job led him to Muir Island, where he was recruited to join the new government sponsored X-Factor. Strong Guy made two notable friends in Wolfsbane and Multiple Man. During a mission involving his former employer Lila Cheney, Guido absorbs a bomb explosion, but sufferers a serious hear attack as a result. He is left in suspended animation for years until Forge developed a device to cure him. Strong Guy later joins his friend’s Multiple Man’s new X-Factor Investigation as an unwitting spy, though this is later resolved. Guido briefly died preventing an assassination attempt on the mayor of New York until teammate Layla Miller revived him. Unfortunately, Guido was revived without a soul, leaving him more aggressive and uncaring. Guido quits X-Factor and later fights them as an agent of the Demon Lord Mephisto. After accidentally killing X-Factor member Monet, whom he had previously loved, Guido slays Wolfsbane’s son, which turns hum into the King of Hell. He uses his new found powers to revived Monet.

His Deal: Along with Multiple-Man, Strong Guy was the comic relief of the government sponsored X-Factor. For example, he chose his not-so-subtle title “Stong Guy” during X-Factor’s first press conference, mostly on a whim. He was considered the heart of the team, and his leaving marked the end of two X-Factor teams. He was originally the Lila Cheney’s bodyguard. He had a brother-sister like relationship with Wolfsbane. He often flirted with Polaris and M. He was also long time best friends with Jaime Maddox, the Multiple Man.

Personality: To everyone around him, Strong Guy was a very nice, if not so serious, X-Factor mainstay. He often cracked jokes, flirted with women, and was usually smarter than he led on. What most didn’t know, however, was that this was largely a facade. Strong Guy used humor to mask the intense physical pain caused by his mutation. Guido’s mutation caused his body to distort whenever he absorbed kinetic energy, causing him great pain, and the change became permanent if he did not expend that energy within 90 seconds. Strong Guy’s mutation taught him to take things in stride, as well as to sympathize with other who feel alone or different. Strong Guy lost his humanity with he was revived by Layla Miller, leaving a heartless and cold individual.

Fun Fact: Guido has a heat condition and is near-sighted


First Appearance: New Mutants #29 (1985)

Death: Guido died stopping the Mayor of New York from being assassinated

Greatest Crime: Killing Wolfsbane’s child


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