Powers: Inorganic Implosion


What!?: Localized gravity bubbles. She could explode or implode things.

Origins: Gloria Munoz is a mutant of Cuban/Seminole heritage who first developed her powers at 13. At 16, after her parents divorced, Gloria left her family to live on her own. At one point, she got herself into some deep trouble, but was helped by the mysterious Sledge, who asked for a favor in exchange. She was asked to find and deliver the X-Force member Warpath. Risque managed to bring in Warpath, but her efforts in earning his trust made her fall in love with him. Risque then finds herself on the run from X-Force for betraying Warpath, but Risque is only caught after trying to help Caliban, whose body shuts down on him in the middle of their fight. Risque is captured and leads X-Force to Warpath, alive and well, and possibly under the employ of Sledge. Unfortunately, Risque’s actions forever sour her relationship with Warpath. Risque periodically shows up until her time with Xavier’s international X-Corporation, where she is killed trying to stop the trafficking of mutant body parts by the U-Men.

Her Deal: Risque was Warpath’s seemingly first real romantic relationship. Warpath previously had feelings for Siryn, but they were never reciprocated. Ironically, Risque and Siryn had an antagonistic relationship. When Risque betrayed Warpath, her relationship with him and X-Force all but ended. She appeared very rarely after that, and was eventually killed off.

Personality: Like most people, Risque had a somewhat difficult time with puberty. The manifestation of her powers made her feel more freakish and alone than her friends and family. She started rebelling and eventually ran away from home. On the streets, Risque developed a sly and flirtatious personality, as well as an aptitude for lying. As an adult, however, Risque showed some remorse for the path she had taken. A part of her regretted casting away her innocence so quickly, as well as betraying Warpath, whom she genuinely cared for. She herself realized that despite her actions, she still had a conscience.

Fun Fact: Risque was once impersonated by the Hawaiian goddess Pele


First Appearance: X-Force #51 (1996)

Death: Risque died trying to stop the trafficking of mutant body parts.


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