Adam X the X-Treme

Powers: Haemopyrokinesis


What!?: He can set your blood in fire! He’s also half-Shi’ar.

Origins: Adam Neramani, or Adam X, or X-Treme, is a human-Shi’ar hybrid, rumored to be the illegitimate son of the mad Emperor D’Ken. He was raised on a farming planet, then joined the Shi’ar Imperial Forces as a space pilot. Due to a firefight gone bad, Adam was stranded on Earth. He managed to befriend Genis-Vell, the son of Captain Marvel. On their travels together, Adam encountered Erik the Red, a Shi’ar agent. Erik offered Adam X a chance to conquer the Shi’ar Empire, revealing his royal lineage, but Adam refused. Adam X has more or less stayed out of trouble since then.

His Deal: Adam X was intended to be the “Third Summers Brother,” a story element in the 1990’s that suggested that Cyclops and Havok had a younger brother. In the comics, Christopher and Katherine Summers had been kidnapped by the Shi’ar when Cyclops and Havor were children. Their mother, Katherine Summers, had been forced to join Emperor D’Ken’s personal harem. Katherine and Adam both have blonde hair. Adam even meet Cyclop’s grandfather, who felt he had a connection with the young man. However, the storyline never came to fruition. A third Summers brother was later introduced as Gabriel Summers, also known as Vulcan. Adam X is still remembered, however, as a very “90’s” character.

Personality: Adam X was a very angry character. Born in the Shi’ar Empire, he was instilled with a warrior’s ideal, specifically those of strength and mercilessness. Stubborn and rash, Adam X often solved his problems with overwhelming violence. He is not one, however, to go out looking for trouble. He is not overly ambitious or power hungry, and actually decline the opportunity to rule an intergalactic Empire. Despite his moniker as “X-Treme,” Adam has more of less lived an ironically peaceful life on Earth.

Fun Fact: The “Third Summer Brother” idea was introduced by Mr. Sinister, who stated that Cyclops had many “brothers.” As he did not specify how many, Adam could still hypothetically be a Summers.

tumblr_mcz1i54HSN1rn55nzo1_500 (1)

First Appearance: X-Force Annual #2 (1993)


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