Lila Cheney

Powers: Intergalactic Teleportation


What!?: She can travel across the stars themselves, but not short distances.

Origins: Lila Cheney is a British musician who used her powers to gain a reputation as a thief across the universe. She meet the New Mutants during one of her concerts, where they foiled an alien assassination attempt on her life. It was revealed that Cheney had planned on “stealing” the Earth and selling the population as slave labor to prove she was the best thief in the galaxy. However, the New Mutants’ actions caused her to have a change of heart. She formed an alliance with the team, and even a romantic relationship with Cannonball. It briefly appeared that Lila died when she teleported the parents of Gosamyr into the sun to save the solar system. She survived, and usually shows up from time to time to help the X-Men.

Her Deal: Lila Cheney has many connections to the X-Men. She is friends with the New Mutants, and has an on-again, off-again relationship with Cannonball. In fact, she was his first girlfriend. X-Factor mainstay Strong Guy is her bodyguard, and possibly still on her payroll. She was also bandmates with Dazzler on numerous occasions. Lila is actually quite famous across the universe, given the long-distance nature of her powers.

Personality: Lila Cheney was once very selfish and surprisingly egotistical. She originally planned on selling off her home planet, Earth, into slavery just to bolster her reputation. However, how much of this was due to actually being evil is debatable. Lila’s powers allow her to travel across the universe, so her actual connection to Earth may not be as strong as the average human’s. It is possible that before her friendship with the New Mutants and Cannonball, Lila did not have any real relationships on Earth. Lila is very much a free spirit, with the only thing really grounding her being her love of performing. Her time with the New Mutants has given her an appreciation for the mutant community, and she is always willing to lend any X-team a helping hand.

Fun Fact: Lila lives in a Dyson Sphere, a hypothetical structure built around a star

Lila Cheney copy

First Appearance: New Mutants Annual #1 (1984)

Death: Lila appeared to have died teleporting Gosamyr’s parents into a sun


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