Peter Wisdom

Powers: Hot Knives


What!?: Shoots out collected solar energy from his finger tips

Origins: Peter Wisdom is the son of a Scotland Yard detective. His mother was killed by a mass murderer after a fight with Peter. Wisdom is a former M16 agent who transferred to Black Air, a British Intelligence Agency dedicated to the study of the supernatural and abnormal. Wisdom worked as a Black Air assassin, but his work soon became too much for his mind to bear. His superiors suggested he work as a non-combat adviser for the superhero team Excalibur as a form of sabbatical.

Peter soon left Black Air in all but name due to his time with Excalibur. He became particularly attached to the young Kitty Pryde, and the two started a romantic relationship. This eventually led to a fight between Wisdom and Kitty’s former love interest, Colossus. Wisdom’s past with Black Air soon caught up with him, and while he and Kitty Pryde were able to severely damage the organization, Wisdom guilt forced him to leave Excalibur. Wisdom later became the leader of X-Force and lead a war against the world’s intelligence agencies for their crimes against abnormal beings, like mutants. Wisdom then faked his death and joined Britain’s new paranormal intelligence agency, MI-13, eventually becoming its field commander. Under MI-13, Wisdom served Britain in a number of ways, including securing a treaty with Otherworld, reviving Captain Britain, and banishing all Vampires from the United Kingdom.

His Deal: Peter Wisdom is a classic British spy character. He is a rogue agent whose good at his job, but can’t shake his own moral code. He leaves his organization, and eventually plays a key role in its destruction. He has been part of Excalibur and X-Force, but played bigger roles as a member or intelligence agencies like Black Air and MI-16. He was in controversial relationship with the possibly under-age Kitty Pryde.

Personality: Peter Wisdom is haunted by his past role in Black Air. He feels guilty over his work as a paranormal assassin and his own crimes against mutants and supernatural beings. He masked this with sarcastic humor. Wisdom is good at his work, he’s an avid intelligence agent, but he can’t fully shut down is emotions. Peter has spend the later part of his career trying to atone for his sins, including working along side Excalibur and X-Force. His romance with Kitty Pryde, while questionable, allowed him to view himself in a new light. Peter has since taken a more proactive role in his career, using the skills he accumulated to establish less violent and corrupt dealings with the abnormal. Instead of trying to leave or destroy the system, he intends to change it from the inside out.

Fun Fact: Wisdom may have worked for an organization called The Factory, which tortured mutants for experiments.


First Appearance: Excalibur #86 (1995)


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