Power: Electromagnetic Field


What!?: Can destabilize electric equipment

Origins: Jesse Aaronson, or Bedlam, was orphaned at the age of 5 after his older brother cause their family to die in a car accident. Jesse was committed to a psychiatric institution for his emotional distress, and was exploited by his doctor, who ran experiments on him when his powers manifested. Jesse was rescued by the Mutant Underground Support Engine (M.U.S.E.), a group created by Charles Xavier to help mutants in danger. At 19, Jesse decided to leave M.U.S.E. and search for his brother.

Jesse enlisted the help of the mutant mercenary Domino in exchange for helping her defeat a Prime Sentinel that had injected her with a harmful power-dampening device. Together with X-Force, Jess and Domino defeated the Prime Sentinel. Domino and Jesse found his brother, now going by King Bedlam and leading the New Hellions. Jesse briefly joined the New Hellions until he discovered that his brother was insane and caused their parents deaths. Jesse stayed with X-Force under the leadership of Peter Wisdom until their apparent deaths destroying an underground alien colony. Jesse later resurfaced as a crucified victim of the Church of Humanity on the Xavier Mansion lawn. He did not survive.

His Deal: Bedlam was the last new X-Force member until the team was revived years later. While not a student at the Xavier Academy, he was nevertheless trained as a field agent by the Mutant Underground Support Engine. He spent most of his life looking for his older brother.

Personality: Jesse usually kept information about himself close to the chest. Losing his family at a young age and being basically tortured by his doctor made him a somewhat private person. He also preferred non-violent solutions to problems, most likely due to his non-offensive powers. This, and his training by M.U.S.E. made him develop a better sense of reading and manipulating people than most. Jesse also showed love and loyalty to his long lost brother, implying a preference for family. However, Jesse still maintained a moral code in the face of his brother’s villainy.

Fun Facts: Jesse and his brother were first introduced in the Age of Apocalypse universe as the “Bedlam Brothers”


First Appearance: X-Force #82 (1998)

Dead: Jesse was killed by the Church of Humanity


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