Powers: Genetic Metamorph


What!?: Copies people on a genetic level, meaning appearance, memory, and powers.

Origins: Vanessa Carlysle, or Copycat, was a former mutant prostitute who fell in love with Wade Wilson before his transformation into the insane Deadpool. Wilson broke up with her after learning he had cancer. Heartbroken, Vanessa became a mercenary herself, and was later hired by the mysterious Tolliver to infiltrate X-Force and kill the team. Disguising herself as Cable’s longtime ally Domino,

Vanessa joined X-Force, but grew too attached to the team to complete her mission. Angered, Tolliver sent in Deadpool, who blew her cover and forced her to flee. Venessa soon found herself on the run from Deadpool, Cable, and the real Domino, briefly living with former Weapon X soldier Garrison Kane. Vanessa eventually joined Weapon X, but the program’s enhancements caused her to some of her memory. Originally meant to recruit Deadpool, Vanessa forgot and instead tried to seduce him. Her failure soon escalated into a three way battle between Deadpool, Garrison Kane, and Sabertooth for Vanessa’s life. The ended in the Bronx Zoo, where Vanessa’s attempts to hide in the Gorilla exhibit failed and was killed by Sabertooth. She died in Deadpool’s arms.

Her Deal: Copycat was actually a founding member of X-Force, though under the disguise of Domino. She had a long history with Deadpool, and was arguably his first true love. Copycat primarily dealt with other mercenaries, notable Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Garrison Kane, and Sabertooth. She was also one of the strongest shapeshifters on Earth, thanks to her ability to copy down to the genetic level.

Personality: Despite her career as a mercenary, Copycat was not a merciless killer. Her time with X-Force made her realize that she still had a shred or two of humanity inside her. Still, Copycat usually prioritized her life before the lives of others. Copycat showed an impressive aptitude for quick escapes, notably able to hide from both Deadpool and Cable for quite some time. Copycat had a complex relationship with Deadpool, and many of their attempts to kill one another was often complicated by their shared history.

Fun Fact: If transformed for long, Copycat begins to lose her own memories


First Appearance: X-Force #19 (1993)

Death: Copycat was killed by Sabertooth while hiding as a Gorilla

Greatest Crime: Impersonating Domino for months in order to kill X-Force


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