Powers: Ability Nullification


What!?: He can cancel any super power.

Origins: Leech was abandoned by his parents after his mutation manifested, and would have died if not for the intervention of the Morlock Caliban. Leech was raised by the Morlocks until the Mutant Massacre resulted in the death of almost every Morlock. Leech was able to survive thanks to the efforts of the original X-Factor, and became their ward.

During his time with X-Factor, Leech became good friends with Artie Maddicks, another young mutant. The two did almost everything together, including being enrolled in the St. Simons school while X-Factor was away. At St. Simons, Leech and Artie made friends with another mutant named Taki, the three became instrumental in helping the X-Terminators during the Inferno event. Later on, Leech and Artie were kidnapped by Marrow and the Morlock-terrorist group Gene Nation, but were rescued by Generation X. There time with Generation X saw Leech and Artie become friends with Franklin Richards of the Fantastic Four. After Generation X disbanded, Leech was kidnapped by the Weapon X program and used to keep other inmates depowered. Leech escaped and reappears with the other 198 mutants encamped outside of the Xavier Institute after M-Day. Leech eventually moves into the Baxter Building with the Fantastic Four, alongside Artie and Franklin Richards.

His Deal: Leech was one of the youngest Morlocks the X-Men encountered. His ability to suppress superpowers has made him a constant victim of kidnapping and coercion. Leech has been a member of many groups, including the Morlocks, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Generation X, Weapon X, and the Future Foundation. Leech has a mentor of sorts in Caliban. Leech is best friends with Artie and Franklin Richards.

Personality: Leech was originally a lonely young mutant, but his personality prospered thanks to his time outside the Morlock tunnels. Leech has been shown to be incredibly brave, willing to put his own safety on the line for others. He has also proven to be independent minded, and while kidnapped a lot, he always disobeys. Leech has witnessed a lot of pain during his time, but has managed to mentally and physically survive all of it.

Fun Fact: Leech speaks in broken English and in the Third Person


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #179 (1984)


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