Powers: Telepathic Holograms


What!?: He communicated with mental images

Origins: Arthur Maddicks, or Artie, was the son of Dr. Carl Maddicks, who witnessed his son’s physical disfigurment and lose of speech due to his mutation. Distraught, Maddick kidnapped Beast and attempted to synthesis a cure for mutation based on his work, but only managed to reverse the Beast back to his humanoid form. The original X-Factor arrived to rescue Beast, which alerted security. Worried that the guards would kill Artie on sight, Dr. Maddick left his son to X-Factor and died holding off the guards.

Artie became X-Factor’s ward, along with a few other young mutants, and developed a friendship with the morlock Leech. At one point, X-Factor sent their ward’s to boarding school for safe keeping, with Artie and Leech being enrolled in St. Simons. There they befriend another mutant named Taki, and a briefly kidnapped during the Inferno event by demons. Artie and Leech  are later kidnapped by Marrow and the terrorist group Gene Nation, but are rescued by Generation X. The duo become wards of the Massachusetts Academy for a time, and meet the Fantastic Four’s own Franklin Richards. Artie reappears again after M-Day, now depowered, and living in the Baxter Building with Franklin and Leech.

His Deal: Artie was the youngest X-Factor recruit. He was often treated as the little brother by the older mutants, but was still considered a member of the X-Terminators. Artie is usually paired with his best friend Leech. The duo have bounced around many groups, notably X-Factor, Generation X, and the Fantastic Four. The is also best friends with Franklin Richard, son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

Personality: Due to his mutation, Artie is mute, but much of his character can be interpreted by his actions. Artie can be shy and a bit anxious, but also brave and empathetic. Artie always tries to comfort those he sees in pain. Though the boy is sensitive, he is still a child, and thus has an playful and mischievous side which he was able to develop thanks to his time with X-Factor.

Fun Fact: After M-Day, Artie was given a special helmet by Valerie Richards that imitated his former mutant powers.


First Appearance: X-Factor #2 (1986)


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