Powers: Alien Butterfly


What!?: She has wings, control over men, and is yet to reach her full potential

Origins: Gosamyr is part of an ancient alien race. The younger of her species appear beautiful and delicate, but upon reaching adulthood, they cocoon themselves for thousands of years and emerge as giant monstrosities. Gosamyr’s family was enslaved by the evil Spyder gang, where she was kept as a pet. It was here that Gosamyr encountered Lila Cheney, a longtime ally of the New Mutants. Desperate for help, Gosamyr managed to escape Spyder and go to Earth to search for the New Mutants.

Gosamyr convinced the New Mutants to help her, but her race’s natural ability to inspire conflict and seduce males caused some trouble. Unfortunately, Gosamyr and the New Mutants where captured by Spyder. Spyder then tried to kill Gosamyr’s parents and turn them into textiles, but underestimated the extreme rate of growth they would have outside of their cocoons. Gosamyr’s parents threatened to destroy the entire Solar System, but Lila Cheney was able to teleport them away. She stayed with the New Mutants for a bit, but was almost destroyed by X-Factor’s ship due to her race’s reputation. Coming to the realization that her powers did more harm than good, Gosamyr decided to leave the New Mutants and get a better control of her powers.

Her Deal: Gosamyr was a temporary ally of the New Mutants. Her powers caused the boys of the team to love her, while causing the girls of the team to resent her. While Gosamyr used the natural gifts to get the New Mutants to help her, she did not enjoy causing conflict. In fact, she left Earth for precisely that reason. She is the third alien ally of the New Mutants, behind Warlock and Lila Cheney.

Personality: Like most young members of her species, Gosamyr often acted demure and fragile. She used this attitude to manipulate males into helping her. This often inspired the opposite reaction in females, who were often suspicious of her. Whether this is a gender-specific reaction to her powers, or simple jealousy, is unknown. Gosamyr’s race’s ability to create conflict is part of their nature, and not necessarily done out of any malice or ulterior motive. However, it was shown that Gosamyr had a dark side, most likely made up of her people’s own unrestrained desires and urges. Gosamyr loved her family, and had affection towards the New Mutants.

Fact: Gosamyr seemed to have genuine romantic feelings for Sunspot


First Appearance: New Mutants #66 (1988)


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