Powers: Anthropomorphic Feline


What!?: Cat powers

Origins: Maria Callasantos, or Feral, was born into a large family in New York. Her abusive father abandoned the family after the birth of her younger siblings, who she always blamed for her father’s desertion. Her two young siblings subsequently died accidental deaths, with Maria mysteriously close by. When her mother’s boyfriend tried to assault her older sister, Maria killed him and the sisters hid the body. Knowing that Maria murdered him, her mother killed Maria’s pet pigeons and finally pushed Maria into killing her mother. With nowhere to go, Maria and her sister joined the Morlocks, but Maria left due to her dislike of Masque, and wound up joining X-Force.

Now known as Feral, the young mutant had a very troubled stay with X-Force due to her nearly uncontrollable temper. Feral joined the Mutant Liberation Front after X-Force had been asked by the government to rescue mutant bigot Henry Gyrinch. She was eventually captured by Cannonball, and learned she had the Legacy Virus while in prison. Distraught, Feral was enraged when she fought X-Force again, and slashed Siryn’s vocal cords. When the Legacy Virus was cured, Feral briefly joined X-Corporation. Feral lost her powers during M-Day, but was restored by Romulus, an ancient mutant obsessed with animal-based mutations. This however, only proved to be a superficial restoration. When Wolverine recruited Feral in his search for Sabertooth, she was easily killed by the savage mutant.

Her Deal: Feral was the resident loose cannon in X-Force, a team made up of loose cannons. She was easily the angriest and most violent member of the team, and later proved to be the most disloyal. Strangely enough, despite almost killing Siryn, Feral was allowed to work for X-Corporation, which was run by Siryn’s father Banshee. She at times also served as a rival for Wolfsbane. She is a founding member of X-Force, a member of the Mutant Liberation Front, and a Morlock. She also lost her powers during M-Day.

Personality: Feral proved true to her name during her life. She was an angry and vengeful young woman. Life of poverty and abuse from her father and mother’s boyfriend left Feral with little else. Feral has to qualms about killing anyone, and she almost seemed to enjoy hurting others. During her time with X-Force, Feral was particularly impatient with Siryn, and the two often fought. The feud reached it’s climax with Feral wrathfully cutting Siryn’s throat. It has been implied, however, that Feral may have been sociopathic early on, as the death of her young siblings may have been more than coincidences.

Fun Fact: Feral returned as a ghost haunting Wolfsbane


First Appearance: New Mutants #99 (1991)

Death: Feral was killed by Sabertooth

Greatest Crime: Slashing Siryn’s throat


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